The Older You Get

The more idiots you will encounter.

I used to be a young guy that never wanted to get old.
Now that im an older guy i think back on my younger days and how stupid i was.
So dont be afraid to grow old, there are many benefits you dont realize yet.


Just like two completely different persons.
Let me tell you a tale .

Once upon a time, in a bygone kingdom, long forgotten among the sands of time, a Vizier was conspiring against his King, he put something in the well and all who drunk from that water soon would turn against their Ruler.
It wouldn’t take long until things reached huge proportions. Certain night, in desperation, the King turned to his Queen.

  • That bastard ( the Vizier ) managed to turn the all Kingdom against me, I don’t know what to do.
    The Queen replied
  • Why don’t we drink from that water too?

And so they did, leaving the Vizier as the odd man out.
All turned against him instead, and he was banned from that Realm for good.

Welcome to the idiocracy. There’s no escape


when crossout becomes story time in the wasteland, next season update be called the stories of the past :joy: :joy:


Somewhere, out there, in the bottom of a ravine, there sat a log. And, on that log, there lived a community of mushrooms. Among the vast community, there ruled the Mushrooms of Zagrammor, and their rule was okay. not bad, not super awesome…but okay…except that…well…I don’t exactly know how to describe it. You see, the log was propped up against a pile of rocks, and Zagrammor sat at the top of the log. And, the Mushrooms of Zagrammor spore’d with slime that covered everyone on the log. And, everyone hated that.

Everyone hates the mushrooms of Zagrammor so much. And, they focus all their hate on them. And, their hate keeps them a small, focused community amongst the vastness of the ravine.

In this ravine lives a great pig, and it is a beastly devour’er of mushrooms. But the stink of the log is one that it avoids. The slime has made the mushrooms bitter, their taste foul, and they fight his stomach far too much to be of any benefit. So, the pig passes them on.

One day, a person comes by, and sees the mushrooms of Zagrammor, and cuts them off to eat them for dinner! and, for no other reason than that.

All the other mushrooms are so happy that they are gone, because they won’t get slimed anymore, and that was true.

…and then the pig comes by and eats them up.


The Older you get: When you cough , Your radiator leaks and your exhaust back fires.


I can’t pick much sense out of what anyone said, tis beyond my comprehension and sounds like something written by ai but i liked it all anyways lol.

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