The one time recycling helped

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I had a few duplicate paints that I wanted to get rid of, so I decided to mess around with the recycling feature. Came out with gold, and I was like :neutral_face:, then I checked its sell price and…

I just want you guys’ opinion on this; keep or sell?


I have gold but I only use it as a show off thing on a decor part… it looks tacky tbh but it’s up to you really. If the coins are more important for something else then sell it.

My first paint recycling netted me a Gold paint. Sold it for 9k at the time. Pretty good for 50c worth of unused paint lying around

Wish it was still 9k…

Congrats on the windfall! I considered recycling several times, but I’m typically not lucky and figured I’d get crap. A few folks I know recycled, and also were disappointed. Don’t know if I should gamble…

Sell it it, 1kish is roughly the average for gold these days which usually bottoms out at around 700 coin and I don’t see it going up any higher. If you want a gold colour type paint than you can use something like golden mirror or dark gold which are both very cheap paints. I never keep expensive paints in my inventory, their are all kinds of cool looking sub 150 coin paints that look way better than more expensive paints.

Keep it. It’s a perfect win for a paint that would be, IMO, hard to dish the coins out for. I’d love to have it, but I’m not going to pay that much for it, because it’s got a very narrow range of applications, from my perspective…but if you needed a good gold, that’s the one to have, for sure.

I won the Checkered paint, and that one I see as a similarly useful paint. It’s good for accents and a very narrow range of applications, but I don’t think I want to drive around in a checkered car all the time…but if I need a checkered accent, nothing really works as well…but I doubt I’d have ever actually bought it because it’s so expensive. Not selling it.

I suggest keeping it, because you’ll not likely ever want to spend that much on a paint, just to paint some crap, like your rims or whatever, and now you won’t have to, either. Ever. And, now you can have some pretty sweet rims (or whatever) if you want them, whenever you want them.

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  1. I already sold it… bought a mandrake and a TOW, it was all I needed and gave me some surplus. Was intending to sell some scrap until I made it, but the paint worked great.

  2. I usually use Material: Aluminum on my fancy rims, and if I feel like being rich, golden mirror or the golden hubcaps works fine. I never really wanted gold, so I had no reason to keep it.

  3. The price is going to skyrocket in the next week, isn’t it…

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