The pack “Battle pass level” is already available!

The pack “Battle pass level” is already available!


r/Crossout - The pack “Battle pass level” is already available!

Hello! We are happy to announce that starting from today, we are opening access to a pack that will help you get to the desired level and parts faster. And those who fully complete the season’s main reward scale will be able to get lighters faster and exchange them for additional produced parts on the event workbench. The pack can be purchased an unlimited number of times.

Crossout — Battle Pass Level

The pack includes:

  • Raising your current season level by 1.
  • Purchasing a level will not unlock additional rewards of the season if you have not purchased a “Battle Pass”.
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I guess I missed this one. I really didn’t expect it out so soon, but it makes sense to me, since it’s in line with the hustle I perceive being run with this Battle Pass. They are really min-maxing this one, but at least there are no over-powered weapons in it (as far as I know) that will be used by the privileged to club the rest of us with over the next four months.

Imagine if they had exercised this business model with the battle pass that presented weapons like the Nest, for example.

I’m sure there are a few people who will need this hustle explained to them. I’m not going to do it. Go ask your teacher.

I’ve never paid for one extra level… anyone else?

:joy: :joy: :joy:

First game I played after the update and I saw a teammate running four of one of the new MGs. Some people are definitely willing to pay to be first.
Not me.


Maybe if I was so rich I didn’t have to strategize money… as is, I don’t look at something cost X amount of dollars. I look at it like “how many minutes will I have to work to pay for this.”

It makes me very cheap! LOL

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I just refuse to see playing the game as work. So what if I have to play a bunch to unlock new stuff? That just means I have an excuse to play a bunch, which is the whole point of why I turn the game on. And then I get rewarded for having a good time!


Oh, I was referring to working to pay for the level-up battle pass thing… paying with real money.

I see the grinding the same way you do. LOL I’m here to goof off & have fun. If I get rewarded for that, I’m all about it.

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I compare the Battle Pass’s value to a common Burger and fries.

I can usually get at least that much enjoyment out of one.


Honestly when I see some people here running around with a 5k+ bill (I’m not kidding you) I wonder why they don’t invest in some indie dev studio instead lol.

Like if really money’s not an issue cuz you’re making 600k/year and the only thing you have to do with that money is dump it on video games, get your own studio or something. I don’t get it.


I’m with you…
I try to come up with some sort of plausible backstory for these folks so I’m not sitting here thinking they’re lifeless idiots.

So, my go-to make-up backstory is that they’re the adult very disabled child of a very wealthy person… unable to leave the house & loaded with cash. I dunno… that’s about as far as I can get.

I mean, I don’t have a lot of money, but I’m not poor. That being said, if I have a few free hours, I’m not playing video games! Real life is far more interesting. If I were “rich…” I’m not sure I’d play much at all. This is just a filler in between work & bed or in my down-time at work (which is currently plentiful).


I don’t either. In fact the strongest reason I have for playing this game and dumping money into it, is because it’s been inexpensive entertainment…and I’m too old and broken to ride motorcycles anymore. Otherwise, that’s where I’d be. That’s where I was before I started playing.

Whatever turns your crank, I guess. It’s $3 a level, I hear. That’s quite the hustle, I think.

As long as kids going around with those phat accounts aren’t making the game hell for the rest of us, then whatever.
Otherwise that “Pay2Play” slander that’s been going around is going to stick pretty hard.

IMO, a good hustle makes everybody happy. Otherwise it’s not a good hustle. It’s a con job, and nobody likes a con artist. Everybody likes a hustler, though…mostly.

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What an absolutely blatant money milk this battlepass is turning out to be. I mean they all are, but this one is in a league of it’s own.

Guess I should feel happy that instead of having any must-have parts, it’s mostly yet another machine gun version epic and yet another machine gun version legendary, and not enough of them to have a set of both fused once the pass is over unless you fork over extra cash.

I’m going to look for this thread after the event and post how much stuff I ended up getting without paying for levels. Will I be disappointed, or will I be pleased?


4 dollars for an extra level? are you nuts?
no way im buying that :unamused:


The entire concept of buying levels on the first week wrecks the skill aspect of it as a challenge for the ability of market control.


Letting people buy levels destroys the season all together.