The possible balance changes

I wouldn’t disagree with your assessment of those weapons, but to me it seemed like they were weak long before all of those changes, and they don’t seem any significantly worse now.

I will say that hurricanes don’t feel nearly as weak as pyres or nests. I got kind of used to ignoring homing missiles, but when I get hit by a hurricane volley it often hurts more than I anticipate.

Nests haven’t been good since they were nerfed, although I can do ok with them on a harpy/nest/trombone build if I get in the zone.

Anyway, I just think cannons and missiles need a buff, preferably through adjusting how explosives/projectiles work, and potentially more changes to how pass-through parts work.

buff: drones. turret drones like the anaconda need a buff, it just fires to slow and is far to weak to be used anywhere. the flying drone owl also needs a buff as it suffers from the same ill effect as the anaconda, to weak, slow to fire and is a big target and can easily be taken down. fuze drones need a buff to damage and explosion radius again, the cabin designed for these is pretty useless.

do NOT buff: grenadiers, annihilators.

other buffs: TOW missile, hurricanes (they reload far to slow)

Something that needs buffed is armored tracks mainly the 3 big ones which is goliaths, armored tracks and tank tracks. I made a tanky build on the echo wanting to enjoy the new mastodon I just bought paired with a mammoth but lost horribly match after match and there was nothing I could do. My kd even went down I was doing that bad. Weapons just stripped fastest time despite 1600 hp and you can’t turn nearly fast enough into the enemy to compensate for the slow reload speed of the cannons. If you can’t use mastodons on tracks than what else can you use?. After I switched to hermits I started doing better but still kind of bad as I’m still trying to adjust to my new cannons.

I came up with a good idea for how to balance tracks. Give them universal perks as the problem with these tend to be shared between all of them. Like give goliaths, armored and tanks tracks a common universal perk shared between them that buffs both weapon durability and weapon turn speed by like 20% or more but only when paired with other big 3 tracks to avoid it being exploited by leg users. These thing need all the perks it can get to be viable even if it means giving them multiple perks to make up for there severe short comings

Wheels need a rework for unconditional full reverse speed and independent all wheel steering (diagonal driving) along with stat nerfs cause their durability is absolutely overpowered. This has the side effect of nerfing shotguns and dogs because they are worthless against skilled players who can reverse through a map w/o crashing. If wheels had this I would be posting clips of me clutching 1v4’s with them.

Tracks need handbrake turns and more fluid controls. Give them all weapon rotation speed buffs. Increased ram damage ought to do as well.

Augers need their pre-Omni mechanics back, they really are less than a third of what they used to be. I recovered about 100gb of Pre omni auger gameplay from 2020 and its just totally irreplicable.

Camera steer has to be removed. Crossout is not going to make itself less niche with braindead FPS controls, the difficult controls that clearly make it a driving game are its allure. I do not care about gamepads, plug a mouse with side buttons and keyboard into your console instead of being a dinosaur joystick boi.

TOW needs 3d flight and a tandem warhead perk.

Flute needs its lasers removed.

Cannons need a rework to do more bullet damage because they are unusable as single shot grenade launchers. Avalanche is a better AP cannon than every cannon in the game, it has 500 bullet damage and 200-250 blast.

Athena/Cyclone/Nothung/Omamori/Destructor need nerfs. These parts are literally killing the game because every player is forced to contest them in confrontation for badges. There are more powerful things, but they require so much more skill and are very uncommon to see, like fast Aegis builds or non-cam steer omnis.

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Hey now, Stillwinds have a useless perk, and only a tiny bit more health than the Whirlwind. I think Stillwinds need 500 hp, and an actual useful perk for the type of weapon that they are. AutoCanons are not supposed to be a sniper’s weapon.

Depends on how you use it. Beholder, Aegis Prime, Cloak can make all the difference with that single weapon. You can be cloaked and shielded at the same time or separately. The combo should get a bigger strategy buff though it’s not that it’s useless. It’s the closest thing we to have to ultimate stealth though the glow of the shielding gives it away from a closer distance it does from far away. It’s really up to you to stager the activation of the devices when under fire.

I never could wrap my head around why is it that any components are not balanced long before final release? This constant balancing circus gets rather old. Obviously not a lot of thought goes into having a standard nor is a standard kept. Isn’t this why sand box servers are provided for testing? SMH Any way stepping off my soap box.

I have a 10/10 balance change that will objectivelymake the game 10 times better for everybody except those 10 lame dudes who have no life or family and spend their whole pay on XO every month:

Revert everything to before the stupid, reviled 2.0 update, and throw Gerridas in the crater of Mount Doom, deep in Mordor (or hard nerf them so that they aren’t just Bigrams with 40% more speed and a better hitbox)

I think given the popularity of gerridas, and the fact that many of us were begging for light legs for years, it is highly unlikely they will be removed.
At least I hope not!

dude they are a snipers weapon, they are meant to be used at long to mid range. pelting your enemies with sustained fire. they do heavy damage and are weak and frail up close. the point of auto cannons is to do alot of damage at range before the enemy can close the distance. at that point if you can hit them enough their weapons will be sparking or they will have lost a few wheels or alot of armor and be alot easier to deal with. in a up close 1 on 1 fight they will lose almost every time.

the only thing i have against gerridas is they grab onto people who get to close and hold onto them. ive gotten stuck on far to many gerrida legs and its pretty frustrating to me.

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Revert the massive Omni/meat grinder nerf and add about 100% power increase to everything besides Gerridas and hovers. Also, reduce the amount of tonnage add when a build touches you, the game has such a “stuck in the mud” feel and it needs to be corrected.

Make clan wars Leviathans shoot players only, the Ripper spam is extremely lame and cant be what the devs intended.

Sustained fire and sniper is a contradiction and its very easy to forcibly remove someone’s range advantage. Storms and Whirlwinds suck, and Stillwinds are much better as medium range ambush weapons.

you could sneeze on a storm and itll fall off :rofl:

but you forgot about cyclones. the cyclone sheds a single tear for you forgetting it. :sob:

Storms are good, just play them on a heli. Problem solved.

The “closing the gap” problem is mostly a map problem tbh. There’s like 2 balanced maps in the whole game, everything else is so skewed towards scorp hovers or dogs it’s hilarious.

Just out of curiosity, what would you do to balance maps? What qualities result in maps not favoring dogs or scorps?

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i would bring back the old bridge map,that was fun :kissing_heart:


A map that offers balanced gameplay. The actual ingredients aren’t set in stone. I wouldn’t suggest to put roofs against arty on Nameless Tower, but it’s a good idea to have it in Powerplant for example. My problem tho is that Targem doesn’t seem to understand what makes a good map. They had a 10/10 map with bridge when they gave it a 3rd path, they ruined it by making the bridge destructible 3 months later.

So far the only good maps IMO are Powerplant (great map for long range, great map for short range, great map for flankers, great map for arty, just a great map), Bridge w/o destructible bridge (The map used to be campy af but with arty becoming relevant, it was perfect. Now that the bridge isn’t an option anymore, lots of builds just get f*cked extra hard, while porcs can 1v4 most teams in the ramps), and maybe Quarry (The ledges make it hard for dogs, but the map is small enough that mid-range weapons aren’t just sitting ducks for scorps on the cap. Spawns aren’t ideal tho, a bit close and you’re exposed as soon as you get out of spawn) and Clean Island (The acid isn’t too bad and the map offers good opportunities for everybody, hovers, snipers, melees, porc progamers, etc).
Canyon is hmmkay, a bit tiny tho. 10s into the game you’re already swimming in Porcs or getting torched by a Flash Firebug gentleman. C-17 isn’t horrible, but it really suffers from being just a giant open field with boxes dropped on it. There’s no real interesting gameplay opportunities here, no verticality, no ledges, no one-way paths. It’s kinda balanced, but also very very very boring.

On the other hand, this game has maps like Crater (oof), Naukograd, Nameless Tower, Fortress, Rock City… There’s honestly more maps I hate than maps I like, and we’re at a point where I’m happy to roll Factory. I think it’s an horrible map, but also above average for XO :skull:

One thing to keep in mind is that the multiplayer games I grew up with let you chose the map you’d play. CS and Quake 3 were full of bleh maps, but you could just spam de_dust2 and DM6.

I would be less critical of maps that suck, if I didn’t see them on repeat as often. Sometimes it feels like certain builds are provoking the same map over and over, or if it’s being selected and re-selected based on the composition of the builds of the available players. For whatever reason (who knows?), I will get the same three maps, or even less, over and over, until I’m just done.

That hasn’t been the case so much lately, but it seems like it trends.

I like fast cars, so I think I basically like any map that is big and wide open, although the old Bridge was one of my favorites.

More maps, please. I really don’t care if they get it right every time, I just enjoy a variety. I’ve been playing for a while now, and I’ve sure seen a lot of most of these maps. This game has been around for a while too, and I feel like we should have had more of them by now, and would have thought that Adventure Mode would have been hugely expanded into an open world of wonders, but none of that is true.

The only balance concern I have is all the damn melee. It gets old fast. Presently I’ve reinvigorated by desire to hunt them down and kill them, and anything else I see min-maxed, but that will wear off soon, probably. I can only handle that crap in small doses…which is also fine, just don’t expect me to pay a lot to play that, or participate in it for long.

Less active melee. More maps.

They need to work on the bot pathfinding on the maps more than the maps themselves. They shouldn’t go the same direction every match. Let them roll a random to go through a different set of paths each battle. Let them roll randoms to see if they stop at a spot that is good for an ambush or not…

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They can be a bit predictable and easy to lead along if you try.

Not enough in this game is actually random, IMO. I know that’s hard to do with computers, but I don’t think they are even trying.

For instance, some of their maps suck, don’t work, and it’s always true that no matter what build you’re using, sooner or later you’ll get one that really doesn’t compliment your build at all (Missiles and Sector Ex, for example), so I’d like to see maps generated and assembled randomly (within parameters of course). Even if it was to just change the color of the terrain (more better sky and lighting?), or the graffiti on the walls. Anything really.

Sure some of these randomly generated maps might suck, but I’ve rarely seen a match last more than 3 minutes. I can suffer it for a match or two, and I feel like I do anyway. Plus, you literally don’t know what could happen, and I think that’s exciting, interesting, and…I’m just tired of the same maps over and over.

Also, nerf active the Melee. It’s ridiculous…but now there are three-legged spiders down there too, maybe they are good for each other. IDK. I’m going to kill them both, so you developers can either nerf them or…