The possible balance changes

So they are going to need to roll out some balance changes eventually unless they want the game to get more stale than it already is and loose even more players, what weapons would you want to be nerfed or buffed or changes, general topic on how much more better idea the players in general will have compared to whatever gets changed once something happens

I think that Stillwinds, Cyclones, Athena, Destructors, Athena again, Athena one more time, Athena once more for good measure would need a nerf

In general outside about 85% of all guns needing a buff one way or the other, I’d really like to see things like r abandoned and forgotten weapons made even worse by armor changes to be made somewhat better. Stuff tha nobody uses because it sucks would be really fun to see more of in the wasteland, rather than everyone running the same insert current meta that’s pretty much the past meta + whatever technically same kind of a gun some random battle pass introduced (Nothung, Miller and so on)

Honestly would be nice to see the obscure stuff a lot more rather than it just being machine guns, miniguns, autocannons and other rapid fire weapons with a canon or two in rare cases, mixed in with some flamethrowers

Remove camera steering and so much gets balanced


I just think they need to continue to tweak projectiles and explosive damage.
If rockets and cannons can be more effective again, mid-range DPS becomes a lot less dominant.
There may need to be some specific changes to how pass through parts work as well.

I don’t think they will get rid of camera steering, and I also don’t think it would change nearly as much as people say. I use it on strafing builds for hand comfort, but I think I could do better on those builds if my hands could deal with the discomfort of the old controls. It makes some things easier, but restricts you a lot too.
I still play wheels most often, because they’re more fun for me.

I know they won;t get rid of it, it just shows how bad they are as devs because they’d rather cater to people than provide balance

Why wouldn’t they cater to what players want?
And if they did change the balance in a way you approve of, wouldn’t they just be catering to you?

The reality is that the old controls were physically uncomfortable on console for many people. People like me could only play strafing parts for a couple hours before my hands were in pain. I make my living from my hands, so I’m not going to risk messing them up just so I can play augers more.
Camera steering allowed me to fully enjoy all movement parts. I definitely don’t want that taken away.

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However due to these changes, the gameplay of many types of builds have changed, leaving us with few build variety, and even fewer reasons to use non mouse assisted movement parts, while yes, they might be usefull for console players, the issue starts for those that dont play on console, there, not using this is counterproductive to doing so.

I don’t see the situation as significantly different from before the change, when every second thread was someone complaining that hovers has an unfair advantage.
Strafing parts will always be better for some things.

Remember, when camera steering was launched, most hover and spider players said they immediately turned it off because it prevented them from doing many moves.

And maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see how horseshoe builds suddenly stop being so dominant by removing camera steering. Their advantages would remain, no matter how you steer.

cant because of you console plebs.

madame poony:

“The reality is that the old controls were physically uncomfortable on console for many people.”

correct. thats why it was introduced.

no poonnofuhn:

"And maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see how horseshoe builds suddenly stop being so dominant by removing camera steering. "

ofc youre missing something, the elephant in the room. ill let one of the plebians explain it.

I never said it’s what players want, no one asked for it and of course the toxic playerbase we have would want anything that gives them an advantage.

Players would use literal aimbots if they were allowed so why not give it to them, right? Cater to what they want, right?

Use your brain dude

Lol what?

Literally no one was complaining, if I remember right the hover pricks were crying about their controls being changed at first because they were scared their crutch was being touched.

ya i think it started with sideway hover builds that dominated,i think thats where it all began for them to reinvent things 'like the camera steering thingy.
but like everything new,must be tweaked at some point.

Within this post, you say it’s not about what players want, and then right after say they caved to what players want.

Make up your mind!

New controls are worse, albeit less strenuous, for spiders. While worse for spiders, it makes hovers much easier to play. By making them easier, it did drastically reduce the crying about hovers, which is nice (because now even the whiners can play them somewhat well). On playstation, I see good balance between legs, wheels, and hovers. The movement part classes are pretty well balanced.

Weapons could use some balancing but views will differ wildly. Low PS players whine about athena, while it is less of an issue in CW. Stillwinds are hardly even seen.

Relics appear to be the best options overall. Porcs, punnys, mastos, helicons, scorps, firebugs, and flash are all played frequently. Rippers in levi wars and jorms on some levis.

Typhoons need a dmg buff.

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Maybe we’re just lucky on PS4. I see a wide variety of builds and movement parts across various PS ranges.

Yes, mid-range DPS is over-represented, but that’s more of a weapon balancing problem IMO, and I expect to see it adjusted soon.

Missiles and probably explosions in general need a buff, anything outside crickets, snowfalls, waltzes and pyralid-type missiles does not work at all currently, some a bit better than other but none of them to even any resemblance of pre-armor change usability (and even then they already sucked)

Things like Flute, Hurricanes, Pyres, Nests, Yokai all have suffered a great deal, especially Yokais after loosing their missile impact damage or however it was worded.

The worst of the bunch are hands down Flutes and Nests, but I played Yokais from time to time but after the armor change I haven’t touched them out of how poorly they do in general now. Definitely way way worse than before the armor change

Balance adjustments should be made primarily with reference to win percentage, not player outcry, but the developers are indeed ignoring that

When you say pre-armour changes, are you talking about when heavy armour got more HP? Or the projectile changes? Or the faction resistances that got added?

I find that the projectile changes made most of my explosive weapons perform slightly better, although I was never a big missile player. Nests don’t seem any worse to me, pyralids seem stronger than before, and I haven’t noticed a big difference with waltz or snowfalls. Cannons in general are performing better for me now, but they (and missiles) could still use a buff.

Shorter version: cannons and missiles aren’t as devastating as they were three years ago, but seem slightly better now than they were a year ago. But this is just my experience.

Not at all, if things were balanced via win % then loads of generically used items like radars, movement and cabins would be nerfed all the time.

Give me an example.What parts do you think have a better chance of winning

Could it be that you’re trying to say that the win rate is higher with a mobile device than without? That’s true, and that’s why I said " primarily."But it wouldn’t be bad if, for example, the PS was reduced by a different percentage when the player doesn’t use mobility or only carries part of the mobility, so that some of the “turreted” players would appear

All of it. But I think the worst offenders are removal of projectile hit damage on all missiles, and the armor changes making almost all parts tank, absorb and distribute the damage way better than before, leading to what feels more like explosions being absorbed by the armor, weakening it, rather than explosions blowing off parts of a build

Even playing on a hover, homing missiles used to be threatening, but now I tank them left and right, instead of outrunning them I can take a few volleys on the left side, a few on the right, a bit to the front and one to the back. And it’s a spaced, light armor pre-spaced armor “change” build so technically it should not be tanking this much. About only real explosive weapon that threatens it is impulses, retchers and crickets. Nests do absolutely nothing no matter what build I am using, when using nests I feel like I am not doing anything, when fighting someone with nests I rarely even need to mind the nest missiles and get a varying levels of easy kill. Yokais are nowhere to be seen, and when I do see one I feel like I am surviving shots I should not survive, and when using them I feel like I am doing about as much damage in general as a Nest build.

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