The Power of Pegasus

Builders have not truly unlocked the power of the Pegasus engine. Art builders all the way to CW META players are going to love the new things this engine will bring.

Below are a few images to illustrate this untapped potential.

Exhibit A - Levi with :poop: ton of movement parts

Exhibit B - Here are all the movement parts on this build. (I had more… I ran out of room)

Exhibit C - 1328% more power!!!

Discuss :slight_smile:


This is even more astounding than I thought it would be. Cross out 3.0.

If used properly, this is the death of the fire dog.

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i did the same thing when i got mine , all those wheels and still hitting top s[eed seems insane
i also put it on my levi and it hauls a$$ now


I can see many ways of using movement as armour with this Engine


You’ll need bigger maps. This looks broken to me. I won’t be surprised if they “fix” this later, after the abuse starts.


Yep. Time to invest in Goliath tracks. It may soon be fashionable to put 4 of them on every spider build.