* the range has 1 visitor......Nope

devs…no visitor,fix this please…
not that important but when you get around to it,thanks…
i got doppler and its been like this for a few days now :crazy_face:


Same here… Started maybe 2 weeks ago.


Greetings… I have to revise my statement. YOU are correct… it shows one but none, i even set off the drone cars to see if it would change anything… Nope… Sorry to have not RTFM. thanks…

That’s not what he’s talking about there is invalid spawning visitor that’s been stuck for the last few weeks. So it tells you there is 1 visitor in the garage but it’s not actually there. It doesn’t show on radar so it probably is stuck in a wall or under the map lol…

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alright alright…fine! I’ll stop coppin’ a squat in y’alls yards…


I usually get from 5 to 2 visitors, sometimes I clear them out and then reenter and a new one popped up
How many friends do you have as that’s where the visitors come from?

It’s a bug it’s happening to lots of people at the same time. It’s been covered in PC game chat a number of times over the last few weeks.


Yeah. Friends list, or you are stuck with Cache or Foxy etc whenever they spawn.

Visitors are supposed to respawn every 6 hours. iirc.

pc…140 friends…the prob is ‘you can’t find that 1 bot’ it’s not that big of a deal,it’s just a bug… :crazy_face:
i’m just bringing it to attention to the devs…


ah it’s 8 hours.

We are experiencing this since the Foxy’s Secret update or something. It shows 1 to 5 visitors without problem, when I visit the garage to greet them, one of them is always missing. When it says 1 , there is nobody; when it says 2 to 5, it’s just -1. Might worth a shot at bug reports but IDK what exactly to report or upload. :thinking:

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It’s hilarious. About one third of the commenters here obviously didn’t read the original post. I bet they didn’t watch your video either. Music was a appropriate, too. (Pretty voice. Who is that?)

  • -Now open your hymnals to page 218 as we pass around the collection plate.
    -And you there Fang: don’t be taking the money out!!!
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Rosemary Siemens.

And, FWIW, that’s an unlisted video with 6 views, so maybe 4 people watched it.

I have a YT channel (depricated) with 16000 subscribers. One thing I know for sure is people will tell you they’ve watched a video when they most certainly have not. YT analytics are second to none. I find the whole situation to be rather funny.

I didn’t watch it. I believed the OP. The only thing I couldn’t remember was how long between spawns.

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Hers is the surely voice of an angel. She can sing in my choir, if I had a choir. I’d even start watching crossout clips on YT again if they put her music under it. Instead of what the kids these days like. (I was brought up on Robert Plant and Janis Joplin and thus have a refined musical taste.)
Yall have a good day.

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there is a fix to this and ive done it many times. if you dont see anyone, cancel out to go back to the garage then test drive again, sometimes it takes 1 or 2 tries. wait about 5 seconds then test drive again and they should spawn in. it works every time for me.

funny… :crazy_face:

That doesn’t seem to clear it this time and it’s persisted for weeks.