The Ravaging (A Crossout Fan Movie) is Back Up

Trying to find the right music for a soundtrack can be a little torturous. Listening to 1 song over and over again can tend to rob that song of its flavor, and that almost happened this go around. It took a couple months but I finally found a good replacement for the Metal cover of Hotel California that was bogging down the video. A little bit of re-editing to get the visuals to match the audio wasn’t too big of a challenge, either.

The biggest challenge with this redo was in re-engineering the audio of the final ravager scene. I finally found some good audio for electricity, so there’s some added Audio FX when being introduced to the Ravagers Foothold.

Lastly, I added a couple more Location plates so we know what part of the game we’re currently watching.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has and is supporting this passion project of mine.


Cool! Nice work.

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Thank You! I got about 15 minutes more footage that takes place a year later but I’m struggling with plot beats and story points to tie it together fluidly.

friend you deserve an oscar for this, good job

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I think this is a close as I’ll ever get, so, Thank You for the Oscar, sir!!

This here is the commentary vid.

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I had forgot to check this out Fang. Took a quick look and it looks great. Will be checking out the whole thing soon!

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A little behind the scenes.

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Trying to wrap my head around what’s going on here. The Ravaging has 72 views, but the Commentary vid for it is currently blowing up. Can’t figure out why…