The Ravaging (For Newcomers to the Forum)

It was about 3 years ago, around this time, that I started work on an unofficial guide to Crossout called The Unofficial Handbook for the Recently Crossed Out (inspired by the movie Beetlejuice and it’s Handbook for the Recently Deceased). In it the guide, I also released a storyboard for what I had originally hoped would be my Crossout Movie, originally titled L.A. Diesel’s Garage. During production of the movie, I lost about half of the footage I needed to keep in line with that storyboard. That forced me into a long break from making anything. I had 15 minutes of it made, fully made. It was planned and storyboarded to be a 90 minute feature length movie. Months of work that I was not about to let go down the tubes.

To complete it, I dropped all the political themes of the real world from my original storyboard, and went straight for diving into the history of Crossout. Real Talk, I messed that up too. In the end, what turned out from it all was a fan-fiction fever-dream that I call The Ravaging.

What many may not know is that, coincidentally and unbeknownst to me, the dev’s of Crossout had been working on a brawl based directly off of one of my suggestions, and just after I released The Ravaging on youtube, the dev’s released Operation: Red light. Not only that but they released a new rig, the Furia, directly inspired by a rig I picked from the exhibition to use in The Ravaging, a Plymouth Fury, more famously known as Christine from the Stephen King story.

On a final note: Maximum Overdrive, Christine, Pet Cemetery, The Thing, and the movie Heavy Metal all heavily inspired many scenes and plot developments.

So, all that said, if you got some time to kill, I invite you to sit back and relax. Kick your feet up and enjoy the melodies.


Shocking! <:O

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that’s the most succinct review I’ve ever received on this! Thank You :slight_smile: