The recent changes and their immediate an likely future impacts

So, the changes are already having the following impacts.

Support is no longer a viable option to play. The points received are too low for damage now (not sure if that is an unannounced change or due to the massive nerf of an already weak weapon in most cases. (If you disagree that the incinerator is now useless, play one in a one on one against any same PS decent MG or SG build. !0 out of 10 times the incinerator will die now.

If you want to play a melee, you now have to rebuild your entire car. It is not like you can just swap out a couple of parts and be good to go. This destroyed most existing builds.

The changes emphasize solo play and discourage team play. This combined with the wandering bots will change the gameplay to be completely a death match game. Capping points is no longer an effective strategy.

Nearly every build is going to be a SG or MG build. Considering the recent uptick in aimbot use, this will make the game nothing more than hiding until they get close or running your own aimbotted MG build to kill you across the map.

For me, this was enough for me to uninstall the game. If I wanted to play a deathmatch game with no team play, there are tons to choose from. I do not, so this game no longer holds my interest. Maybe I should reinstall and sell off all of my junk at really low rates so someone else can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

You should just take a break. I bet this current balance gets adjusted, once the dust settles and the developers have a better idea of what they are looking at.

Maybe make some market investments before you take a break, and if you do sell anything, sell it stupid high, because I have a feeling there is going to be some market inflation.

This game is very fluid and it’s bound to change again, and I think soon, because you’re right, at least some of this update needs more tinkering.

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Why should I play a game that disrespects my time and effort?
Making changed that destroy countless hours of work is not something that should be done lightly, but that is what happened here.

If the developers cannot be bothered to consider their customer’s why should the customers help them to continue to get paid for that?


I wont be coming back, even if they fix their actions.

Many of their changes did not even make sense, like nerfing the incinerator by about 60% (50% damage reduction and 75% heating reduction, reducing damage further) on a weapon that is rarely used because it is not powerful enough to get kills on its own unless the victim is an idiot or a bot.

Incinerator isn’t the only support weapon… all you ““pros”” act like it’s the only support weapon ever made

Oh no, you have to build in a BUILDING game!

Targem is trying to make builds that are too effective (low PS melee especially) harder to build and have the same effect or sit at the same PowerScore. It makes most lower PS melee builds require a gen or the removal a melee weapon to make them less effective or raise their PS to the range it should be.

Stop complaining that you can’t sealclub with melee anymore, no one decent likes it.


You don’t have to give them any money for a product that’s not working for you, but it is a free to play game, and I’m sure you’ll always be welcome to play without giving them a dime.


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use the jotun, with its power boost its just as powerful as the incinerator and alot easier to score direct hits. i been taking off weapons left and right with the damn thing lol.

When it takes multiple hours to properly build a car, destroying car build for no reason is as disrespectful as it comes.

So, because you lack the skill to fight melee off, they have to be nerfed? How about you learn to play as a team member and pay attention like those of us that do not complain about melee builds.

Your assumptions show that you lack the ability to look at the situation logically. Just because someone has melee does not mean they are seal clubbing. Melee wasn’t even that powerful if you paid attention and worked as a team. It is just idiots that cannot pay attention to the minimap or refuse to help their teammates that think melee was too powerful. It was extremely limited by only having one attack angle, if you were looking for max damage. This made maneuvering the method to defeat them.

I had melee builds for when I got tired of teammates that hid in the back. The majority of my games were with an incinerator/jocobo build. While I regularly got MVP with my incinerator, I have never seen anyone else accomplish that.

The effectiveness of melee is and has always been that once they are on you you are in real trouble. Outside of that, you are fine. If you were in that situation, a teammate is your best bet of survival. Now that it is more Death match oriented, there will be far less teamwork happening.

You really need to check your tone. Your condescending attitude shows a lack of maturity and an assumption of facts that are not supported by reality.

Or to put it another way, stop being disrespectful.

So your answer is to use the new weapon that they just put out?
As in I should spend money to be able to play this game?
As in the money that I already spent was not enough and they should be commended for trying to force me to use new weapons that do not even do the same thing?

No thanks.

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Alsta la bye bye

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Which means it is not a support weapon. The incinerator helped teammates, the jotun does not.

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So you precalculated everything to build the perfect “car” and then took your meta abomination into battle?

Damn, a KDR lower that 80 must be a hit on your ego.

I play this game to build functional-looking machines of mass destruction. They ALWAYS escape meta nerfs or huge game changes unscathed and just as effective as before (if not better) while the whales cry in the ashes.

I’m guessing you play this game to either sealclub at 4k PS with harvesters or perhaps a borer brick to make new players leave or at 25k PS relic whalefights so you can actually challenge yourself, then cry to the forums when the slightest decrease in your mindless [incin spam/melee press W to win] efficiency comes after a long-needed nerf.

Play for fun and be a good sport when you die. This game needs less toxicity (I am being slightly hypocritical here, fight fire with fire I guess), and would be much more fun if people just build cars instead of whatever spaced armor scorp… things or ugly bricks/dogs they think are good-looking nowadays.

The above point is also probably why art builds attract so much hate in bedlam. The meta players can’t build actual good-looking vehicles and take it out on those who can.

My melee vehicles were two 8k PS vehicles with two lacerators and a fire element (forget the name of the legendary one), one with a remedy and one with the legendary fire unit.

No, to build a car, I put together the basic car, test its damage in my yard, tweak it if the damage is not good enough, then armor it, take it for a test drive, adjust it so it works OK, then take it into a few matches, adjust, test ,adjust, test and adjust some more until I am happy that I have dealt with the weaknesses as well as possible. The whole process takes hours. The initial build takes between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what I am making.

My KDR is about 2.5. However, I have never played patrol, so that is all PvP.

Most of my vehicles have been around for years. They have survived every update as changes in power were not really an issue. Changes that make a car completely unusable are a different story as now that car is useless and needs to be redesigned from the ground up. It is extremely disrespectful of my time to destroy my work because of poor planning.

Oh, I do play for fun and am a good sport when I die. I do get frustrated when teamed with cowards that hide making me fight multiple enemies so they can avoid combat. Dieing does not bother me in the slightest. This can be confirmed by anyone that has watched me play, as I am almost always at the front of the charge, even with my support vehicles.

As for meta, I do not read what anyone else is doing. I do not download. I have an idea and I make it happen. None of the cars I build are based on someone else’s design. I really do not care what they look like though as that serves no purpose in the game. If you enjoy art builds, build them, but do not shit on people that do not enjoy the same thing as you.

This is another example of people thinking assumptions are facts. They are not. If you have questions ask, rather than making accusations and being a toxic cunt.

it IS a support weapon. the jotun does a good job at what it does, it wasnt as powerful as the incinerator but it can still deal damage and lend support for team mates. it IS a support weapon regardless of what you say.

you have no reason not to.

last i checked you can buy two in the shop for 800 coins. so no doesnt mean you need to spend money on them. save up some coin and buy two of them.

ive gone over what the jotuns do and im not explaining more to someone whos skull is denser then a neutron star. seriously dude idk what your issue with the jotun is but you need to get your information in order.

A. you clearly didn’t see the “I’m guessing” bit at the front of the section dedicated to the playstyle I think you’d have based on how you talk on this forum and the fact that I’ve never seen one of your builds on the “Show us your builds” thread. I have nothing to go off of, so I based it on your tone in nearly every post.

B. It is disrespectful of you to assume the devs take only your time and your work into account.

C. I assumed none of the things I said were fact. Those just seem like the most likely option in my mind based on your previous posts.

D. I do believe that meta isn’t downloading builds, it’s just making the most effective builds at the lowest PS (to the detriment of new player retention), so the argument of “I don’t download, I build things myself” is invalid. All meta builds stared that way, and I would still call the original creator a metaslave.

I’ve played Lacerators forever, even when they were pretty weak.
A bunch of changes made them much stronger than before, which was nice for me and you, but not great for all our victims.
They were suddenly too strong at some PS ranges, and the stats showed it. They could have nerfed the damage, but that would have made them useless at higher PS ranges, so by nerfing their energy requirements instead, they are trying to bump them out of the lower PS ranges where they were too strong.

So yes, all my lacerator builds will have to be remade, but I’m excited about it. It will be fun to come up with some new configurations. And it was a fair change to make, in my opinion.

When I have a chance to try incinerators myself I will form an opinion on that change, but I suspect I’m not going to find them useless. If you play them on strafing parts, it’s not that hard to land direct hits, and it’s not like the fire puddles are going to do no damage.

I’m very excited about the Jotun change (and yes, they are a support weapon). This was exactly the right change for that weapon.

Mine too. I’m just happy that my builds weren’t broken, one survived and the other it’s just a quick fix and it’s ready to go. ( i haven’t decide the way to go).
The others we will see
I must say this was the easiest recover after a re balancing i had to overcome.
BFs buff was way harder, and the last, the melee nerf with the unexpected armour nerf i had to…well see for yourself.

You are seeing a brawler, close range combat (due to many reasons starting from co-driver’s perk ).
As far as i know, from what i’ve seen, incinerators are not support builds, they are opportunistic little bastards, they are not meant to cap or do 1 vs 1, they are meant to pick targets of opportunity.
Perhaps it’s not entire your build but also how you approach the all thing.
When i used to ran SGs, incinerators were my most hated type of builds.

please explain why an incinerator should be capable of a 1v1 against an actual pvp weapon, you literally mentioned it is a support wepaon

very good

explain how

where did you pull this metric out of

the game is going to shit for a pretty long time, this update was better than average

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“Support is dead, I can’t 1v1 a DPS”

Didn’t really read the rest of the thread, because that premise is so wild.