* The Resource Club 😲

just for fun…

post what your hording to join the club…

i’m still waiting for the bots to leave the market so the prices go up again…


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Scrap 35,000
Wires 3000
Plastic 1500
Uranium 71
Batteries 6400
Electronics 1500
Copper 11,000

I can make a couple of legendary items from scratch but I’m not nearly at a 200k horde. I want one though.

What are you going to do with all that scrap?

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i’m going to sell it when it gets above 6 coin again,but its been months since i seen that …
i’ll edit my post and add some more…thanks for sharing :wink:

i want to get fuel but i really dont like doing pvp. though i might have to do it since its selling for 19.00 per 100 and i dont want to spend that much. the only raids i really want to do are plastic as plastic can go as high as 85 coins during events and whatnot and thats really good profit. im hoarding plastic as much as i can. for copper i tend to not want it because being a common resource it sells for very low. 6 - 7 coins per 100. i got 97k copper though im on playstation. got almost 3k electronics, 100 batteries (i dont do pvp), 400 wires, 8.6k badges, 4k scrap. i also have 3 uranium in my inventory collecting dust… i really wish we could sell these 1 at a time because i just want to get rid of these for the coin. :unamused:

This is an easy one for me. The answer is Zero.

Well… I might have a few stacks I haven’t sold but they are on the way out the door if I have anything.

I am a big advocate of making what the game gives you for free work for you. Sitting in a storage waiting for prices to go up is not helping anyone.

So for me personally, I would dump everything and take those coins to start working the market. While people wait for prices to go up and down on resources I have taken those coins and flipped them 20times over before they had a chance to sell theirs.

To each his/her own :slight_smile: just food for thought! Have fun everyone!


I remember when you had 90 k scrap (according to you).

I think i had 40 k scrap once.

Now… less than 500 scrap.

I think the club doesn’t want me even as a doorman ahahahah

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on PC…it’s totally different…we lose more coin from crafting…that’s why it’s better to buy from the market…
and we can’t flip anything with these bots in the way either… :sob:

Yeah I get you man. That is why PC sucks for Crossout.

If the Master Race has that market, then I don’t want anything to do with it.

Console has always been better for Free to Play players. PC is good for wallet warriors.


The free market is one of my favorite parts about Crossout. Xbox marketplace is extremely volatile and there are a lot of coins to win or lose.

Without the market, each part having its own health and free building Crossout would just be some car game.

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There’s plenty of items u can craft and flip for a profit. I’ll hop onto CrossoutDB and find which craftable epic item is selling for the highest profit, craft it and that’s my coin for a while.

It’s /barely/ a free market. The “price corridors” can really get in the way sometimes. Someone was selling “White” paint on the marlet for like 7 coins. I wanted to buy said paint but the corridor literally would not let me make an offer less than around 8.50… So I had to wait for someone to offer it for that much before my offer went through.

He is talking about Xbox. We do not have price corridors.

We have a great market with plenty of coins to be had for all.

Da-amn dude :eyes:
You got 200000k resources
Looking at all you guys resources and then mine I think I got 20000K of all resources combine


price corridors… is to limit the “shady deals”. We won’t have that if everyone play fair. I blame this restriction on rule breakers. Without them how much more freedom do we have to play the market!?

I blame this on the company. We have rule breakers on console too, but still no corridors.

My resources are usually pretty low, as I’m always crafting, or selling my resources if prices are good.
I don’t generally have much of a coin stockpile either, as I spend my coins as I get them.


damn…i had been hording for a year…this last month i went and made 4 tempura’s and 2 arbiters. I’m not tapped but I don’t have anything to brag about anymore.

PC rule breakers use the buy and sell on the market, to take resources from hacked account. The corridors are to stop this kind of activity. If people play the game fairly. We all can have less restriction. Company make rules so every players can have more fair chance. It is far better they are acting on to enforce the rules than letting some cheaters getting away with it. Not perfect but necessary.
I don’t like too much restriction.BUT, the company needed to take the balance between everyone can enjoy the game in a fair way and the restrictions not to cause too much upset.


Aren’t they earned in 10s? (I don’t play CW)

No. They are earned in 1’s and 2’s from match wins. The rewards you see looking at ranking are bonus for clan ranking. Edit to be clearer: A winner gets 1 with a regular account, 2 with a premium account. You have to be above a certain rank to receive the winning reward, I forget the rank. Under it and you get nothing (except the normal scrap reward) even if you win.

So you have to earn your way up into pay dirt so to speak.

The past 2 April fools events gave everyone 1 uranium for a joke