The rewards for battle for uranium

am i the only one here who thinks these rewards are extremely excessive?
in master you get 250 uranium for being first place.
in legend you get 400?!
going into 5th place they are handing out over 1000 uranium just for free so long as your in spots 1 - 5… dont you think this is excessive?
this is adding a ton of resources into the game and tbh this is just insulting to me. 400 uranium is basically a free 20k coins to whoever gets it. 300 is a free 15k coins to who gets it, etc.
i find this astounding because first place always rewarded 50 uranium when it resets, other places rewarded 10 or 20 but you all went and made that number x10 in some cases.
idk what made them want to do something like this but i imagine the immense influx of uranium will make it drop in price pretty hard… then again is that really a bad thing?
actually no it isnt, add more uranium in to drop the price more so i can buy the 150 i need to get the odin. :crazy_face:


how do you get mad that 1) the price of uranium may drop and 2) somebody who must be great at the game and puts a shitton of time into it gets rewarded

first off, uranium is meant to be gotten through clan wars and its the only mode its available in. you can compete and get uranium through wins though there is a cap. this is how it was always meant to be. they are just handing an abundance of uranium out for what purpose?
250 and even 400 uranium is just a ridiculous amount to be giving out. im not mad that the price will drop, im mad cause they are just handing it out. if you want to hand out that much uranium for free then put it into raids for a chance to get it. id much prefer that then to just fork over over 1k uranium to people for just being in top places.

so try hards have skill? didnt know that from the amount of people who used and abused aim assist.

so no lifeing the game? yeah it must be so great sitting on crossout all day competing in a sweaty try hard mode. :roll_eyes:

so youre just mad its not you who got a bunch of uranium?

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I’d agree they could have spread the rewards around a little more but I also get big pots attract players too. Since this is the first time they’ve done this I’m not going to cast any shade on them for it though. I’m glad they even gave it a shot. If they did this more often I’d probably get into playing it more too. They caught me an an off week on this one.


i could care less if i got any uranium. i didnt even participate in the clan wars stuff.
plus did i say i was mad that i didnt get any? nah didnt think so.

idk it just seems like to big of a prize pool. thats alot of uranium to be giving out imo.

It is and it isn’t when looking at some of the coin prizes they’ve done. We know they cant set it up for tops of each league as de-ranking happens. I probably would have opened up the rewards a bit with some task oriented prizes. Again though it’s the first time they are doing this so I’ll cut some slack.

You could or couldnt care less?
Why do you care that a little bit of uranium is released to circulation? Does that harm you? Does it not just make getting relics easier? Also are you aware relics used to cost like 9k coins a few years ago?

I liked this event, but it caught me on a week where I couldn’t play as much as usual, so I didn’t get any extreme rewards from it.
I think it’s good there were some big rewards for people that were willing to play a lot (and play well). Even with that, wait times were about twice as long as for normal PVP. Events need good rewards to attract enough players to be functional.
Hope this is what they shift Confrontation mode into.

As far as diluting prices of uranium and relics, I’m all for it. Excessively inflated market prices for relics is a bad look for the game, and repels new players. If relics were cheaper, a lot of the P2W complaints would disappear.
And while you could argue that would make people less willing to spend money on packs, it’s a much better business model to keep more new players and try to get some of them to buy cheaper BPs.

im certian thats the internal model at targem, they think having a few whales is better than having a massive playerbase and a good game

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I agree, the increased rewards for uranium do seem excessive. It’s a huge boost in resources, which could impact the game’s economy. While it might lower uranium prices, it also makes high rewards feel less special.

Who plays to feel special? Guys from top clans have everything but often will play even after maxing out for the week, just to have fun competing. Making ralics more obtainable is a positive for the playerbase at large.

My only complaint is allowing groups. The end result is top clans played in groups of 4, so they dominate the top of the boards. This mode shouldnt be CWs 2.0. While I would love for CW to take occasionsl weeks to designate PS, this mode should be someyhing completely different, where solo players have an equal chance at success.


I do think that the rewards were high just to get people to play it… I mean they had a literal raffle lottery got 25000c not long ago too so it’s not anything too new to give out stuff of this quantity.

If this mode ever came back I bet it would have drastically reduced rewards.

Given how the monetization aspects have changed since I started playing, I don’t think you are right.
BPs are clearly where they are putting the majority of their efforts now, and it’s been moving more and more that way since Founders were first introduced.

As well, selling expensive items to a few people has never been a good business strategy in any business. It would be very dumb for the devs to focus on whales, and that’s before we even start talking about player retention and how important that is for a smaller game like this,

How long have you been playing Crossout? Were you around before they introduced BPs?

They’ve definitely moved towards trying to get money from a wider array of players while still keeping the gates open to the whale’s cash flow.

I remember when we had just packs and rng crates… when the Tsunami was only in a loot crate essentially. We didn’t even have Crosscrowns.

Now we have Crosscrowns on everything, for both packs, coins, premium and decor/ck’s. Most packs get released with 3 versions and battlepasses are every month with large ones every 3-4 months. A lot more cheaper items for good value while extending the amount of items for whales to buy.

They’ve done a good job but I wish the balance of the game didn’t have to suffer when they sell things via changes etc.

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true, they are pushing more “affordable” things than just relics but it still looks like they try to make only whales be able to keep up in terms of meta, as in, buying every single battle pass

crossout player retention is very questionable

As bad as it may be the game will be a decade strong next year, much more than a lot of games… This game came out when all the live service games were saying they’d be a “10 year game” and many laughed at that… but a lot of them including Crossout seem to be getting to that age and only improving.

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Ya’ll going after that uranium shit,
:radioactive:Your hair will fall out and your balls will fall off.:radioactive:

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BPs are cheap by any measurement, so painting BP-only items as if they’re marketed to whales is silly.
Compare the value of a pack to a BP, and it’s clear that BPs are being aimed at the kinds of players who would never buy a pack (like me).

Now we can debate about whether they have succeeded at making the game more welcoming to new players, but it doesn’t take a business genius to look at the direction they’ve taken the game over the last four years and see that they are clearly making an effort to shift to a “less money from more people” model.
And while I know some people see every balance adjustment as a secret cash grab, I don’t see a lot of actual evidence of that. Most balance changes make sense from a certain perspective, they just feel bad when it’s our build that’s being nerfed.

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No the base pass is “cheap” but the elite pass and pass levels are what is marketed towards the whales with all the fused legendary items and such you can get from them and the profit you can make selling items.