The robots are broken

Does anyone know if the developers are aware that the update broke the game again. Robots don’t shoot players 80% of the time. He just drives aimlessly.


they need to reprogram them to shoot at the nearest target-(that’s what bots should do)
they are probly working on it since heli mode-with the fixation on the heli all game and running into the pits n die thingy… or trapped behind buildings…

so yes,bots need to be reprogrammed to shoot the closest target and find another path around obstacles… :crazy_face:


I saw some bots yesterday that were even dumber than normal. Both were machinist/cannon/spiders, and not only were they ignoring the caps, they were also ignoring all enemies. I don’t think either of them shot once. Something was definitely wrong. There would be an enemy 20 meters away, and it was like they were invisible. The only thing the bots seemed to be trying to do was to find a way to leave the map. They just kept hugging the outskirts, pacing back and forth. Weird.

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Bots skill and difficulty is based on the human players match history. Not sure the exact science, but ive seen one team get murderous bots while the other team’s bots purposely will ignore everything. And this isnt a case of perception making me think paranoid. The classic telltale sign is when the bots who are ignoring all combat (even with players literally in LoS, shooting them), theyll shoot and for their brief moment of life act normal, but only right as you catch them on fire. Its obviously so that they can use bots to balance out players W/Ls, and then try to sell the ambiance that the bot was trying at the end, as it purposefully threw the match the best it could.


prove that then, because that’s just made up.

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Yeah, I tend to agree with you on that.
Deliberately giving one team dumb bots only makes sense if the matchmaker also decided to put all the good players on that team.
If there is skill based matchmaking, it would make more sense for it to put the good players on opposing teams.

The only way I could see this making sense is if there was a group that was too strong. And I haven’t seen evidence of that situation. When I get stuck in a queue with a kill squad, if I keep playing I will end up on their team sometimes, and sometimes on the opposing team, so you can get a sense of the bot skills on either side. I have yet to detect a pattern.

Youve never seen a breaker bot drive to cap, sit there and not shoot as a player literally rams them? Then like i said, as soon as they are on fire and a second away from dead, you can watch the bot “activate” and start aiming, shooting, moving differently. Happens too often for it to be random. And the fact you can activate the bot at will by putting it on fire. Dont shoot it? Itll sit there indefinitely like its been told not to fight.

I’ve seen things like that, but it just seems like their AI breaks completely sometimes.
It could be deliberate, but given how buggy their AI had always been, my gut says it’s just Crossout being buggy.

I mean they can’t even get the bots to understand how to complete any of the racetracks. Doesn’t seem like a big stretch that sometimes they fail in battle too.

But I think you guys know by now that I’m more willing to blame incompetence than malice, especially when it comes to Crossout.

They are definitely tinkering with the bots.

I also watched a blue cannon-bot with plenty of ammo get chased all the way across the map without him firing a shot at the bad guy who was chasing him.

At least we know they are working to improve the bots. It also goes to show you that they don’t always announce the fullness of their updates.

I hope they figure it out. It needs fixed.

They don’t announce a lot of things, many hitbox and map changes don’t even make it into the notes sometimes, who knows what else