The Snow has Melted in Crossout 😭

it will be missed…R.I.P.

time for Mud Season…


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I’m gonna miss it, despite how much trouble the ice gave my wheeled builds.
Although isn’t there a permanent snow map coming with the new faction?


Thank God the snow is gone, and I can drive again and chase hovers down again.

I should have bought four Hovers and made a Hovering, 3 Hawk, Spaced Armor, Box Vehicle until the snow melted.

There is a new snow map coming with the new faction. I think it drops this Thursday or next…


no more driving over the acid lake :frowning:


It’s okay Fang, I’ll miss that shortcut too!


and you couldnt with the snow? good to know, next time ill dance around you in the snow with my hovers :stuck_out_tongue:

please tell me your joking… i have more troubles even without the snow / ice. theres really no difference. what on earth are people going on about that the ice has caused issues? because my builds have been skating on ice for the past few years, even with the snow i dont notice a difference.

there was a big difference.

I m glad the snow is gone since I use mainly wheeled builds. It was terrible for turning amd it seemed to take an extra 30 feet of space to make a turn whoch felt way wider than ot should have been it it didnt just slam you into a wall or other terrain .


elaborate because i dont see a difference. my build skates across the environment the exact same as when snow was here.

Tell me your joking.
This is with five 25% increase surface traction hermits and I am all over the place. Can’t even clear the building because I slides right Into it.

Now that there is no snow I can finally make sensible turns without sliding everywhere


i use bigfoots only due to the way my cars are built. also your skating on literal ice lakes, how did you think that would go? xD
i mainly use 6 bigfoots and regardless of the weather if i lose my 2 front plows i skid and slide and lose control extremely easy at high speeds. its why i say i dont see a difference.

It sounds like you haven’t adjusted the mass balance on your builds enough after the 2.0 update.
Once you figure out the new physics, wheeled builds don’t have to be that slippery (except on ice).

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i would say try using different wheels to see how the devs have tried to program traction for each of them. During the snow event, I was king using my chained tires, while everyone was slipping around, I was sticking to the ground.

I can do a snow comparison as well but it slides on the snowy parts as well in the video. There are lots of icy patches on several maps where the ice is pretty unavoidable so if I could avoid the ice I would but you got no other choice but to drive over it.

Dont worry the new map is a snow map.

I do wish the acid lake was still frozen.