The state of the game

So, is anybody actually going to fix the game? The changes that are being made, and were being made were
none of the actual concerns anyone has for the game. I can forgive the nerfs, and rebalances. But i can’t forgive
the constant fight against the connection. If we were compensated for all the hardships instead of unnecessary
updates, we might’ve just ground our teeth. Something about this game is already hard as it is. There’s not a soul that
cares for the players in the team. Bugs, unfairness and lack of support, even after years from the release.

rolls eyes at thread

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: at tenshiijin

My only complain is how rush heavy the game is currently with most ranged vehicles not being able to compete. Even cannon builds these days, rather than keeping distance, just run straight into you and facehug or push you while firing.

Only thing that works in a ranged combat role is sideways hovers only these days, other than that you’re going to be facehugged by everything from shotguns to scorpions and kaiju

I like the way it’s running presently, although last night was a drag. I think it was because it was slow and nobody was playing, though (I hope). I’ve been having a ball the last few weeks, trying new play-styles. I’m enjoying the sales, the fusion event, and not getting pwnd by the META. I like it where it is. There are some minor issues that would be cool to see them iron out, but overall I’m having fun crafting, riding, and destroying. I can’t wait to do it again.


There are more items than ever before. Yet, a few Meta archetype seems to dominate everything else.
I am well aware that perfect balance is impossible, but I still think it could be much better.
There have been issues that have never been completely resolved (Example: Wedges)
The game grind is still excessive.
I don’t know if the active player base is dying, but I certainly don’t see it thriving.

I’m really enjoying the game a lot since the last update. I’m seeing lots of build diversity, and I’m feeling comfortable at close, medium, and long range for the first time in a while.
To be fair, long range is still a bit of a struggle for me some days, but that’s mostly because I have no kapkan or verifier. I can’t blame the game for that.

I’ll be honest, I think it’s much better now than it was. Sure, there are still some outliers (someone really needs to look at the stats of Buggy Wheels lol), but I feel the game is (very slowly) going somewhere.

I think we need to make a list of the stuff that is obviously garbage (Enlightnement anyone? Bat? Buggy Wheels?) and spam devs with it until they fix it.

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It’s a sad state of a game indeed when a guy wielding a few automatic pistols always wins vs tanks wich are built to resist bullet fire.

Game has always been like that. If u don’t like it don’t play it.

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it’s a game and a fantasy world i agree, but when the gameplay goes against every common sense i wonder who likes to blow up tanks with pistol bullets, Targem Games must love their money contributions to keep that absurd gameplay available to them.

What guns are you comparing to automatic pistols?
Seems to me that most of the guns in the game are much higher calibre than a pistol.