The Tachi

is hilariously bad. its damage is so weak and you need multiples of them to make any kind of damage happen. not to mention the damage falls off so hard. seriously 40 on the initial hit and 2 additional damage per second for 8 additional damage at a stand still. even going along the car i only manage 118 damage along the side. this is just with 1 going along the side, but still this damage is so bad lol.
does anyone else think this weapons good?

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I drove a triple tachi by my leviathan. It was immobilized by 8000+ damage in two literal passes, every single wheel obliterated.

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how? how do the damage calculations even work on it? it seems to be laughably bad at a crawl and even worse on a drive by. is there something im missing here??

Put it on pure buggy wheels. Perk maxes at 72 kph (i believe, not online atm). You drive by, pull the trigger, and watch the side of their car disappear.


No shit. This applies to every not-12-energy gun.

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It’s a very niche gun for sure, but I’ve had fun with it, in both forward configuration and from the side. Mounted on the side has more damage in general but with less success rate (missed drive-by’s) than the at the front-configuration (poke while running into the enemy and turning away), which I like. Rather than instantly stripping movement parts or getting kills, I like to poke, run away and reload (so basically just spin a circle once) and poke again, a poke-and-run tactic. Is it optimal, maybe not but it works enough

What I do have noticed though is that these guns are very dependent on enemy builds, even more so than a Tempura. Tempura, if the enemy is not optimal “bait” for the gun, still dishes out good damage, but the Tachi either does insane damage or none at all, depending on the modules used, where they are located, movement parts etc

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well no shit.
but what i mean is you need multiples of them to deal alot of damage to something in a drive by, and… do people really do drive bys? i can understand doing drive bys with weapons like porcupines but a melee weapon with short range? i think if anything it would require a few passes to take some wheels off but its incredibly risky.

so i did a bit of testing and… wow… just one of these at max speed was enough to cut right through my sleipnirs and hit my explosives being protected by my treads. so i was doing it wrong, i tested it hitting the same part and it did 40 base damage with 2s afterwards up to 48, but that isnt how its designed to be used. its designed to hit multiple parts and dish out alot of damage across the build. still though… do people do drive bys with weapons like this? i mean its extremely risky to do so.

i noted above what i did and tested it a bit. if they have explosives under their build well there goes half their build if you can do a drive by at max speed and get it to hit those explosives. the problem is you NEED a cheetah to take advantage of that speed or have buggy wheels like dhawk said.

this is what seems to be the tactic here though. i dont see it becoming overly useful in situations like that. im wondering how it would work against hovers but youd need a pretty low to the ground build to make it work i think.

The strength of Temps/Tachi isn’t the pure damage. The strength is the hitbox + dealing full damage to EVERYTHING in it.

This said, Tachi loses some of this. The hitbox seems thinner, and ofc you only get 3 weapons vs 4. It also seems bad at cabing people/melting big parts, unlike the Tempura. I’m curious and will probably get 2-3.

I’ve never tried using tempuras side mounted, and now I’m curious if I could pull off drive-bys and sideswipe attacks.

Seems like a fun challenge.

If I can pull it off, I’ll pick up some of these. They seem niche enough that they’ll be cheap on the market soon.

Time to put our explosive parts on top it seems

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