The team without Heroes wins

Yes Heroes, you should not drive forward into the cluster of 8 red arrows on the minimap, if you want to help your team.


lol i see that alot…
players should try to ‘thin the herd’,make them spread point in driving in and dieing alone and then cry that nobody helped you…
but they never do…

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This just made me think, “I need to get more used to the new call outs.”. Because I used to use them more before. Im always just hoping, that guy five feet from me noticed I just uncloacked an enemy behind him him and am in a fight with a close range thingy. Sometimes i Just fall back to the front of where my ally is looking and just drag the enemy in to his view.

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The new Callouts are made by idiots for idiots,
Imagine an 8 vs 8 battle like this is the case most times,
Would you want 8 players on your team spamming the chat with their coordinates 3 times per second to where they are attacking or defending?
or would you want a few veteran players guiding the group with voice commands of when to attack or defend?

since when do players use the minimap???lol that would assuem some level of teamwork and we know thats not happening…lol

Bring an upgraded Doppler and see the change, some players do read the minimap, but your comment also has value that most players dont.

nope they don’t.i always run doppler,and they always run into a group of red arrows…mostly 1 at a time and not in a they get picked off…

Well, some are exaggerating but not incorrect. I always run right at the enemy with my Detector, drop a load of Turrets in their path and try to escape and kite them into ally crossfire. Sometimes I get caught but still manage to escape eventually because I have 2400+ HP at 7000 PS. So, watch the mini map because LordTutor will reveal all who are not cloaked. Then cover my escape and do not block the road! And keep moving! Sitting still is death!
PS, how many late allies block the road as I make my escape and get me killed, too many! Where were they while I charged? Why do they come block the road after I have attacked and am fleeing? Why are they so slow to react to the map info?

I have a habit, still from FPS times, to move along the wall before going around the corner, but to stay to the middle of the path while going straight to reduce explosion damage you would receive from wall-reflected rocket explosions (shootout to Quake veterans). I might actually end up blockign somebody unintentionally, but its so hardwired - I cant change it anymore. Might be same for many.

Because 7k ps. It’s seems like the lower the powerscore the lower the awareness to a certain extent. Sometimes the drivers in lower powerscore are so bad I just start using a higher ps car.

Interesting. I play more wall huggy. I never played a lot of quake PvP. I’m more Ghost Recon games type shooter PvP. Those games do have lots of rockets and explosion dammage too though.

In Ghost Recon or CS dodging projectiles in not a thing, in UT or Q its normal, so you tend to stay center to have more options to dodge and to reduce splash damage from rockets (though aiming fo rthe floor is more common). As I am more aware of this lately I will reconsider it for XO - though its more about corner-drifting to some extent?
What would a reasonable behaviour in XO be?
Going around corner tight e.g. is pointless, one cant quickly reverse on most builds.
Also trying to dodge incoming canon shell might even be worse than doing nothing as sides are rarely the most armored parts and one might lose wheels?

I use lots of parts that reverse quickly. And I stay close to walls and cover to minimize my exposure to firing angles and try to only keep my target in line of sight while hiding from everyone else.

I also very much dodge enemy fire. It’s very affective.

Ps. A bad thing about being close to walls and cover is if you don’t notice a firedog, or melee dog, or shotguner sneak up on you, and bam your pinned to a wall and dead.