The test server update

Honestly what are they trying to do? Kill the game ?
hovers are unusable now, completly unstable, they sniff the ground on the direction they going, they take way too much to change directions, and icarus VII in 75kph too?? they took skill to use and compared to other things on the game they are barely a nuisance (dogs)
meat grinder omni and leg sideways builds are going to be nerfed, any sideways gonna be heavly nerfed

i hope they dont remove ultra low quality settings, i like a clean competitive game not a beautiful graphic arcade noob game. They make the UI cleaner but the game dirtier lmao

the new play button looks like it was ripped off from a League of legends type game, doesn’t fit anything with crossout

missmeanypan - “Let’s over simplify movement so everyone can have a turn
next they add a more advanced lock on targets so you don’t feel bad about missing your shots
what a joke this update seems to be rip hover skill gaps nova puni lmfao meta crossout mobile hover”

faley016 - Solving the problem with the “sideways” builds will also remove a barrier for newcomers who would like to play with hovers, but inevitably face the need to build a “sideways” build.


Horrible changes of movement pieces


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Recently i watched a glitch.

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