The update

i just wanted to share my thoughts on this.

hovers: i… dont really like the changes they made to hovers as my vehicle that has hovers seems a bit unwieldy to run. the backwards thrust pitches my front end up to much and my builds supposed to be front heavy for a reason. i run 2 incinerators on it and the weight at the front helps me throw the fire alot closer to me so i can better defend myself. with it going in reverse it throws the front up despite being weighted and it throws off the aim. i also noticed the hovers are quite a bit more wobbly then before to.

i have also noticed the thrust on hovers is far to much, you cant even mix hovers and when i did the 7s were far more powerful then the 4s and they fly higher. i tried mixing them on the back of my hover… heres how this is set: my build has 2 hover 4s up front, and usually 4 at the rear. i took 2 out from the back and replaced them with 7s and the difference was astounding. my build is far more wobbly, unstable and scrapes the ground whenever i go forward with it. it is quite unstable.
still it keeps my builds nose down so i can aim with more precision, but idk the wobbliness of it kinda puts me off. are any of you having these issues?

i want to note here to my incinerators are the only hover build i have… well i have one other but i dont use it, still though its the one i use the most. i built it from the ground up with tweaks here and there.

i just dont know how to feel about this change to hovers. i dont like it but i dont hate it. it also got rid of some problems to. now the hovers feel more stable, when hitting a wall im not slung a full 180.

i also really love the graphical update to the game to, the devs did a wonderful job on that and i love the new inventory look and whatnot. great job on that devs.

but i want to ask what are your all thoughts on this change? im not ranting here myself, im kinda 50/50 on the whole thing. theres goods but bads to.

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i also want to not that the camera being positioned so close to the car really threw me off but theres a setting for that to put your camera further back.
settings > General > Camera distance.


I think I agree with this, and I don’t recall it being as bad on the test server. They should tone that down a lot, IMO. It’d be nice if they eliminated that entirely, as I don’t see any physical reason for it, since hypothetically the thrust should be equal for the hovers in front that are pulling and the hovers in the rear that are pushing. Maybe I’m wrong about that, IDK.
I do believe they said they put that effect in there intentionally (why? IDK), which I think means it is trumping the natural physics engine, and without them intentionally jerking those physics around with developer magic, they wouldn’t behave like that. They should can it. I agree.

Me too, and again I don’t recall it being that way on the test server, but it sure is now



the thing is the thrust difference between the two hovers is very noticable. you should try it out. i dont think the difference should be that huge, but it seems to me that 7s fly higher then 4s and have alot more lift. an example is i put them on the front of my build which is supposed to be front heavy and it lifts the front en high up in the air while the back is low to the ground. the same is achieved in reverse to. my front heavy end is nose burried into the ground with the 7s at the back instead of the front. its a weird design decision.

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I was just posting about hover tilt in another thread, but this might be a better place.
It seems to me that mass has less impact on tilt now, and hover positioning (and maybe type) has more effect.
I made a six hover build today, with four hovers behind the cabin and two in front. Even with lots of mass behind the cabin, the nose still tips down.
Since it was a Vulture/Yaoguai build, the tilt was a good thing, as it is for incinerator builds.
So if you were using bumpers to get your nose lower before, try moving your hovers around. The good thing is that it means you keep your tilt better after losing frontal armour.

I’m not a hover expert at all, but I was experimenting with this specific aspect today for a while.

It really is, you are right. I can’t run too many experiments with that, because I’m dependent on the exhibition to test the differences. I don’t have the gear myself, but I’m working on it. They are drastically different though.
On the test server I had tried an exhibition build that used a combo, and it handled maybe too well, but I’m not seeing that those parameters actually made it to the live server.

I’m not sure what their logic was for that (adding increased instability), since people were already mad about the controller changes. Adding more wonky physics to a situation people were already livid about seems like begging for more trouble.

It’s not unusual to see patches after even minor updates, and this one is a major update, so I would expect a patch in the near future.

Also, I appreciate your civil demeanor over the issue. I know it’s a hot-button topic.

Ditto. Camera is too tight and too low. It makes the game unfun.

hmm odd… for mine the hovers behave differently. 4s have a lower ground level to them, they tend to fly lower and are less powerful. 7s however fly higher then 4s and have more thrust. the higher leverage makes them perfect to put in the back of a hover incinerator. my hover tilts forward and i notice a far more forward tilt when i put them on the back. if i have them on the front the nose goes to far into the air while the rear is dragging downwards. however its not perfect… occasionally my build will wobble and occasionally scrape and hit the ground when accelerating forwards. i think it has to do with the blue hovers giving far more forward thrust then the other 4 icarus 4s. idk i feel that they shouldve tested this a bit more…

i could upload mine to the exhibition and have you try it out if need be. the difference is quite big.

i know theres many angry people here about this topic, i just wanted to give my opinions without throwing fire and pitchforks around… or well lances and boom sticks in this case xD

you can change it in the settings. i left another post above the original to help you get the camera away from your vehicle again. though for wheeled vehicles it doesnt work so well. it works for hovers though.

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I think you misunderstood my post: I was using all fast hovers, not mixing types. But putting four close together in the back seemed to lift up my back end, when having two in front.

yeah it works the same way for 2 and 4. 2 front 4 back.
though if you use icarus 4s at the front then 2 at the back combined with 2 icarus 7s then youll see it lift up really high at the back. i swear my build has never eaten so much dirt in its life. i swear i burried my front of my build in the dirt so much i could grow a tree on me. :woozy_face:

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Thank you! I hadnt found or heard about the camera closeness fix setting and you just made my day. Much better with the cam pulled back.


I maxxed out the camera zoom setting. It’s still too tight and too dumb and too unfun.

here’s a thought, if hovers are wobbly now, you don’t need to build your hovers front heavy to tilt down for incinerators, you can just tap forwards if you want to dump fire on your nose, and the speed should let you get distance form anyone chasing you etc, i rebuild my sideways blight hover and just put hovers on the front as well, it works just fine now…

I know, my hover looks like $@#! I never really build hovers much in the past but I’m trying my best now cus of the new update lol

if i drive backwards and then hold forwards to tilt my nose down this is about how close I can shoot, im fairly happy with this but might make it a little more front heavy in the future, but not too much more front heavy etc, this is really close to what i want, any closer and im probably gonna be putting myself on fire

while moving or holding forwards

while holding backwards

I’m sure this design can be improved apon further i am by far not the best hover builder in the game, but even with my limited knowledge i can see a way to make these new physics work


Yeah, I’ve been using it the same way with Yaoguai/Vulture drones.


it defiantly takes a bit of getting used to, knowing when to reverse your direction to dump a fire puddle at your feet etc, like it feels like a learning experience to play with the new physics, but i feel like, people that get good with hovers, will be really good with hovers, higher skill entry, higher skill cap etc

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that wont work as well as you think. not only will it be getting closer to the enemy but itll throw off your aim and leave you less time to react. even with hovers being alot more stable in terms of turning they still turn rather slow and one wrong move can lead to your build being crippled by a shot from a cannon or a mortar.
also the example there is on pc and is a sideways build, i dont play on pc im on ps4 and i use frontal builds as i dont like sideways builds. my build looks nothing like that and is tilted towards the front. it makes me about 3 - 5 kmph slower going forward but i can move backwards and sideways at full speed. plus i use 2 icarus 7s at the back to further tilt my build forwards and it works wonderfully.

again, accuracy is key in battle and that will hurt you more then save you. in my builds i go for accuracy. if i have to do what you did there then it aint worth building. sorry.

thats the thing though, this is a battle and some people have fast builds, they wont wait on you to get the perfect shot. rocking builds like that are at a major disadvantage and i perfer something that is accurate more then having to adapt to a rocking mechanic like that. i have my build incinerator with blight and it goes 0 - max speed in about a second. this applies to all directions. because i have it tilted forwards so much it loses 3 - 5 kmph making its top speed 70 - 71 though it doesnt effect my speed sideways or in reverse. i have adapted to this and can manover using the front end to quickly spin and get out of the way. its saved me lots of times. though with the update i see that hovers turn alot more slower then they used to so now ill have to compensate for that somehow.

dunno mate am not having that much trouble with it! must admit it was easier to use hovers before the update and now it is harder shrugs

it’s kind of funny, we are doing clan wars at the moment and their are quite literally, more hover players then their used to be, kind of funny that is don’t you think?

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