The value of deluxe packs

Let’s face it, deluxe packs have never been worth it, but does anyone else feel like the value of deluxe packs has gone down? I remember when they came with their own garage, own unique ck, multiple paints and so on, these days all the deluxe version offers is a bit more coins, maybe 1 new paint and some random banner and portrait stuff. Feels like the amount of extra stuff you get with a “deluxe” pack is getting lower and lower


Remember what I said about cashgrab and all the pieces will come together :wink:

They’re all for Cross Crowns, so they’re all a rip-off.

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I bought the deluxe packs that were out when I got my retirement bonus. For the garages. (then I liked the OG one best).

The different grades of pack levels are so whales can buy 3 packs of coins + sellable parts. (completionists also)

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