The Wall Fetish of the Bots

They just keep humping the walls the whole match long,
Some of them even throw their incinerators at them so they can prove their love to the walls while burning themselves to death.

Targem Games, your bots have developed a wall fetish, i suggest reprogramming or an A.I. psychiatrist for them.

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this made me lol.
i seen bots do this a few times in game but it hasnt really been an issue unless its on my team. but alot of the times the ai runs into walls which makes it easier to pick off their guns (them stupid mini punisher bots…)


There’s a few spots in the awakening area where they sometimes spawn on top of each other it’s rather amusing.

It’s not just the Dev’s bots with a wall fetish, the Dev’s themselves have a hard wall fetish with all the invisible walls they put on their maps, even on the raid maps they’ve been loaded up on invisible walls for no reason, doubt their AI have been complaining about the players climbing on the map features

I hate that my bots stay in our base, while the enemy bots help their team

Indeed Gus_vamp,
This bot behaviour usually means win or lose for your team.

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And it is not by mistake that the bots do it, it is programmed to do that for X circumstance.

Heres a solution. If they didn’t break up the player base by account level. And found better way to prevent smurfing we would have more real players to play with. Rather then seeing 4+ bots each match