The wasteland looked good today

Some days I watch the battles unfold in the wasteland and I am so impressed by the unique world that the devs and the players have created.
There are so many war machines that have no equivalent in real life or in sci fi, and so many different aesthetics.
The basic lore gives everyone an entry point. I see the various factions as local warlords, but they are all stretched thin, so most survivors are independent and trade with whoever has stuff they want.
As a result, the average survivor who has thrived in the wasteland now has access to building rigs the size of several buses, and with massive firepower.
Some paint their mutant tanks with glossy paint and decals, and use high tech modules, while others put all their effort into making old hot rods carrying massive close range firepower.
I love this game!


When it’s hot it’s hot. Nothing else like it.


Crossout is a great looking game.
Can we appreciate that the decor items keep getting better and better?


I don’t even care that half the builds in PVP are established types. There’s still so much variation in the style, and people in real life tend to want to fit in with established styles, so Crossout should reflect that.
I’m still going to do my weirdo stuff, and that’s fine.


When there actually IS aesthetics and stile, yes. On good days you get players with some feel that enhance the game’s atmosphere. On bad days, you get the -I don’t care how it looks, I only care how it performs - … And you see random plates and unfitting parts stuck on protruding pipes, or whatever horrible thing, everywhere.


I don’t even mind those builds. The ugliness somehow fits into the Crossout universe, just as much as the shiny armoured sports cars.


Ugly is one thing… Ugly is a van rear used as a roof… But spaced armor on pipes, plates sticking out… it’s beyond that. It’s just not what you would see if it was real, no matter how much something is made of scrap parts. But that’s one of the bad sides of free build.
Even perfectly well built shiny Crossout cars are still just scrap… The parts simply don’t fit well. Holes, cut offs, bad intersections… etc… But then there are just cars that are illogical shapes of glued radom spaced parts. But it’s not against the rules, so, if someone cares about performance only, they can go for it.

100% agree. I’m so glad that Crossout is not like real life. I personally find beauty in highly optimized cars, I don’t care if it looks like a car or not.

You have to appreciate the evolution of Crossout design.

I also like to see “Art” cars, but it seems like people go out of their way to make those cars not optimized on perpose. Like just slapping the gun on top of the ride without any armor just because it “looks good”

To each his own :slight_smile: I’m glad we have a good mix of people and styles.


I guess I have decided to accept that part of how Crossout looks.
To me, all our vehicles are made from scrap, so it doesn’t matter if some look like a pile of junk.
And as weird as spaced armour looks, attempts at using that strategy have been used in real life. Maybe in a post-apocalyptic future, some survivors would take those principles to an extreme, and create giant monster vehicles with random sheets of metal welded into weird shapes to disperse explosions?


Of course you would.

It does give the game it’s own character, and I think it’s in min-maxing that this game’s individuality comes out the most, and is the most pronounced. There’s no mistaking one of your builds with anything from any other game.

No, you didn’t. I think you liked that stuff anyway. I think you prefer the junkyard-mutants, and Wasteland abominations that haunt the landscape, like some kind of violent metal Picasso.

I like the junk-yard look somewhat myself, and some of the new paints, like “Tenacious,” help make parts that fit unevenly look better together, because…

…and the right paint makes that work pretty well I think. The build I was working on when my GPU burnt out was an old rust-rod with one red fender.
I think it’s cool that this game allows for such diverse styles…but I’m mad it won’t let me have mine, and it’s the vision on the poster too!. That makes me shake my fist a little…I’ll figure it out though. I’m stubborn.


I always liked the junkyard aspect, but it took me a few years to accept the random spaced armour look, because it just seemed so alien and detached from reality.
I’m still not into making full-on spaced armour builds myself, but I do use some of the principles.


It’s only going to evolve as long as we never give up on being who you want to be in this game. Nothing else matters but freedom of expression and fun in the hard days work we all look at every day, some have it easier then others but thats how the dice rolls when you are up next in the long journey to the end of time. Long as we have fun and don’t be too mean to eachother this game will stand around for a long time and gain followers if we keep up the good work inside the beating gears within crossout. Even if egos rise we all still fall no matter the fights within so lets pass toasters around in the rain for that special type of hot potato environment we play in everyday. Ooh look toasts done and so is that guy. Unplugs the wire to get that delicious to die for toast. Takes a bite. Not bad but smells like arm hair…

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Shiny paints do. But even then, it’s clearly visible that it’s all different parts welded together. Some fenders will go higher than the hood, or some parts like Nomad’s, have clearly cut off sides that can’t be painted over.

Anyway, that’s fine. These are junkyard lego cars, and that even has some nice feel to it… As long as the building player maintains some feel for wholeness and unity.

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I’m not sure I even know what this means.

I enjoy the no boundaries part of this game, if someone wants to build meta or art that’s up to them. To each his own.

Let me guess, these builds don’t meet your personal requirements?

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But these are not personal requirements. That would mean it’s a must. No. Just preferences.

And I am saying the same, to each his own. Some people’s sense for aesthetics his higher and they will strive for the most realistic and good looking build, while some are more practical and will care for performance only. Then there are those who do have some sense for aesthetic, although not as high and some middle will suffice. This game has something for everyone.

By ‘wholesome’, it means that the vehicle basically looks like it’s made of fitting parts. A little touch of realism. ‘what something would look like’ if this game’s universe was a real thing.

Look at this crazy atrocity for an example? Extreme case of wanting to poke your eyes out.

While this is a good example of something that looks wholesome.

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I own a design company. Been doing it more then 20 years. We design everything from magazine ads, to commercials and even products to be made in factories.

Don’t think that “Aesthetics” have to be “realism” or any idea of what you think is “The Norm” to be good. Even though realism can be pleasing to the eye, it’s not the only version.

In the design world, thinking outside the box is a needed skill.

I personally think all my builds above are beautiful works of art.


Same here. I do not own a company but am a designer and architect for 26 years now. Finally I work as a game graphic designer. (Pays better and is much more enjoyable while you literally do art).

But, while I agree that what one finds aesthetically pleasing is an individual thing, there is a general - have it or not, or it being refined. I know that you know that, working in a field we share.

Builds being realistic is just my thing, this is why I strongly underline - a personal preference!
This isn’t just what I find good looking, more than that I like to feel a touch of realism in a game that doesn’t stray too far into fantasy.

About the builds you’ve shown here, I just like something more refined. Like the one you’ve shown in another thread which I really liked. These to me look mangled. While that other previous one looked whole and ‘factory made’. For which I gave you a big thumbs up.
Like an magazine ad that fits well unlike another where every line of text is a different font and chaotically paragraphed.

But I’m not the judge, just an observer with his own taste. In Crossout, only the author judges his craft. If the player enjoys his craft, he should.


I was actually pointing in the other direction, suggesting that paints like “Tenacious Man,” “Plate Steel,” that Ravager paint, and “Stressed Metal,” helped make mismatched, unaligned, asymmetrical, parts and builds look junkyard romantic. I like the look, and many of my favorite paints are scratched, rusty, and full of holes and patches.

Because I’m excited about my new (used) GPU getting here today, I’m anxious to share an example of what I mean.

Mostly this, eh? I just wish I didn’t have to give up the glam to pursue a META, but that isn’t entirely or absolutely true. In PVP I can pull off wins with way less than META, but I would suspect that Clan Wars (which I don’t play) is not the time or place to try that kind of thing.
The game is very versatile, and when it runs well accommodates most any vision better than any other game out there, IMO. It hasn’t been working great for me lately though, probably because my ambitions for end game material are not very pronounced, and I feel forced to pursue it.

I see other kids making it work, though. I’ll figure it out, and I’m fired up to give it another shot with my new nvidia card. I’m glad to be back with nvidia, and back in the Wasteland again.

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I agree, so much fun I have over 200 games and can’t stop playing CROSSOUT.


Doc, this thing is beautiful.
It definitely looks like a scrapyard vehicle put together of mostly fitting and a few stray parts, into a wholesome muscle car straight out of a wasteland workshop.
I’d expect to literally see this in a Fury Road like movie.

I’m in love with it. The front especially looks amazing (If that’s the Maxwell egg radar in the back, I’d just remove that to give it a trunk).

If you ever build anything similar with Tacklers, or other frontal MGs, (within a working PS), please post it and I’ll send a few of my punks to beat up your mechanics and steal the blueprint :slight_smile: