The weapons in need of love

What weapons do you think are underpowered and in need of some dev love and unnerfing?

ok i will go first, the mandrake.


fuze drones. they arent competitive anymore at 10k powerscore. the nerf to them shouldnt have happened when they nerfed all drones due to grenadiers and annihilators.
also didnt mandrakes get a buff in terms of energy costs from 8 to 7?


Many. But you know which don’t? MELEE! It took a big dump on lower PS versatility, which used to be great until some time ago.

That out of the way:

  • Crossbows definitely need buffs. In more ways than one. Less bulky, lighter, better reload.

  • Some frontal machine guns (I play those so maybe I’m biased) but because they are frontal, they should be able to tank more than they do. Those do low damage, but a good salvo in their face takes them out. Makes the whole frontal part kinda bad. They are packed in metal covers which are supposed to be armor around the gun, but their durability is not enough to withstand hits. Maybe pull a % of durability from the connecting armor parts.

  • Passive melee. Oh yes. While far less important than any other weapon, passive melee should have FAR higher durability. Enough to tank active melee and not fall off so easy. BUT to not be used as a wedge, it should not be possible to mount it next to the ground. At least 1 square up. So it can be used as bumpers, but not a ground scraper.

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From what i remember, they do more total base damage per energy than 360° ones, while having less accuracy, so maybe they are purposefully fragile?

Crickets, they used to be cool

Yeah, per energy, true. But they are doing things the opposite way. Frontal guns have build over armor visually, and should last through some dmg, not be a better damaging tool than free rotating mountable guns given enough energy…
Also, the spread directly means it’s a closer range tool than free rotating ones. It’s hard to focus on a specific area, especially on moving targets further away with so much spread. And getting in means you put yourself where your weapons get damaged.

the tow needs a buff, but it can’t be a buff that increases damage do to how the tow works.

Rippers need a buff

Scratch that… they need a complete rework.

They need to work more like mines, or put them in a different class.

rolls eyes at thread

Oh yes, indeed. I’m not a big fan of active melee (sort of tired of seeing it), but I do like the passive melee. I’d like to see a brawl with nothing but passive melee (without Boosters). Something like Wreckfest.


I think that a number need buffs but i would just like to see things more balanced with durability vrs mass.

For example - Toad-fish weigh 900kg with 384 durability.
Pulsar 950kg with 693 Durability. Thats nearly double for 50kg? Similar hit box too
Reaper 603kg for 520 so nearly 86% of mass to HP. Using that a toad-fish would have 774 Durability which is twice as much as it has now.

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I’ve mentioned Carmageddon a few times. It was all passive melee and the game was awesome. But it actually had physics.
Crossout feels weird when it comes to collisions. Things just feel like collisions with Jupiter’s gravity forcing things to stick to the ground. And no damage from hitting the walls and other parts of the map are one of the worst things. Reminds me of the old Need for speed games, where you crush into a wall and nothing happened to your indestructible car. It was so off putting.

We have to remember that XO was made as a shooter game using physics from a game that never really needed those things like high speed and good car collisions. You can’t really make a good cake out of hot dog ingredients.

But even with these non-existent physics, I too would love a passive melee mode.

  • Back to the topic, The buff I would also give passive melee weapons, is based on the speed and mass of the vehicle doing the damage, a blast radius effect like… Right now crushing into that small armor part sticking out and taking it off, instead of the damage of the crash transferring further than that part is ridiculous.
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