The world at 1,312 Feet

Some of us bedlam players have been outside the map for a few weeks already, but the copter adds a new lift to the view. This is the Wrath of Khan map at 1,312 feet. Please don’t tell the devs!


Yeah I had a lot of fun the lat time we got them using Bedlam in custom games


Here’s a shot at over 2,000 feet; I would kept going but I’m afraid of heights.

XO_Guy, were you able to fight below the base ground level without being teleported? Wanna see if we can set up a battle underground…

Last winter what I was doing was… setting up bedlam with all bots. There wouldn’t be enough spawns and it would have a bot falling through the map constantly and dying. So I’d just detonate and take it’s place… and due to heli blades I would just fly under the map to the edge and then up… basically getting around the map boundaries

So not sure if you can still do this somehow

I hit the ceiling of the map! At 18,905 feet, you hit the glass ceiling. The altimeter only displays 4 digits, so at 18,905 it shows 8905. The ground disappears completely at roughly 5,500 feet. Here’s a screenshot from the ceiling…

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i really want to do that. how were you able to do that?

Ha, well goign the other way I can you that you end up in hell…

Everything shakes violently to the point it looks like you have 2 of yourself… maybe i can make a gif but 4mb is pain

Kind of -


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There is a “hole” in the E2/E1 sector. Be careful to stay in the channel or you’ll get caught in the antigravity anomaly off to the left (there are actually several antigravity anomalies on that map, where you just float around, suspended in space). Head towards the highest pillar at what would be E0; when you get to it, DON’T go off the edge…then just press that W key and keep climbing!

I encountered a top 60 clan exploiting this glitch launching hurricanes from outside the map, not gonna name no names but hopefully it get’s fixed soon enough. Match after I played them again they stopped doing it because they know me all to well and my policing way’s which is why they probably stopped doing it when they started playing me.