The Wrong Audience

The last 9 years the devs have always favored short range and hitscan builds.
It looks more and more they are targeting the 10 to 18 age group that drives forward with hold w to win builds, and easy to hit hitscan weapons for those kids.

What the devs fail to realize is their target teen demographic, are just broke kids living of their parents money.
For a game as detailed as this.
Older gamers in their 20s 30s 40s 50s have alot more money to contribute.

I think its time to do away with all the easy mode builds Targem keeps giving the kids.
And turn it into a more tactical and realistic game.


Nerf radar, cloaks, and buff all long range weapons and all movement parts except hovers, wheels, and bigrams. Wheels still need a rework too because they are forced to be W+M1 with op stats with their absent reverse speed and no diagonal steering.

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6 bigfoot brick having more push power on slope than 12 ML or 16 bigram legs spider that cant even rotate. Without slope 9 or less ml or 11 or less bigrams unable to rotate when pushed by 6 bigfoot brick. Not to mention now this Titan wheel…
Spider should have same or even more push power than wheels because they slow, but its broken now.

Also speed on HVY cabins, so looking at hovers, it should be disallowed for HVY cabins go 100+ speed (where 120 is limit lol)
Fin whale made issue here not with perk but mainly speed.
HVY cabins should stay good only for slow movement parts, not opposite.

This 2 points need to be adjusted.

Game will never be good. Time to move on, guys :saluting_face:

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Push power or not, the problem is that TTK is so long you have no choice but to take close range fights even if you are a long range player. Wheels have way too much grip too. It seems like the ravager wheels have the most grip of all movement parts in game rn.