Theory, Winner of faction war gets their aircraft parts first

Note there is zero proof of this, so no bases in fact here. But I have a theory that which ever faction group wins the faction war is the one to get their aircraft parts first.

The main bases of this theory is what factions have their aircraft parts at the moment. Right now we have rotors from engineers, nomads, and dawns. with parts from nomads.

I am betting that which ever faction set wins we will get their aircraft parts first in a similar theme, so building parts from the base faction and movement from both. I know this is unlikely but still I can dream.

That all said what do you guys think the faction parts would be?

Like I can see the following for lunatics and fire starters.

thruster wings and zeppelins.

Thruster wings being lunatics, these fast moving aircraft parts grant a max speed of 120 with a burst speed of 240 and high mobility but come at a cost of harder to control in flight. they also are passive melee by nature allowing you to ram enemies with them.

Zeppleins would be fire starters, slow moving but highly stable good for bombing the land with flaming barrels and rockets. also extremely hard to destroy but when it is destroyed EXPLODES with a large area, meaning destroying them in CQB is likely to blow up both the craft and the attacker.

Scavangers: no aircraft parts just AAA, and I mean AAA high damage ground to air missiles like the stinger

Steppen they would have twin rotors as their main, but they would mainly focus on nomad like designs, their ground on the other hand would be their main unlock whit TEWS systems like the image bellow

TEWS UNIT: a large turret like structure that costs 4 energy, has two modes active and passive, in passive mode it jams cloaking and radar, preventing enemies from detecting any units within 75m of the users vehicle. in active mode it prevents weapon lock on for all enemies in 250m, this includes drones, proximity mines, and missile lock. this can be hard disabled by the syndicate tag missile which can still lock.

I really wish they would not do it, I did not start to play crossout to fly helicopters and planes, and I don’t like it. In the current pass the only part usable outside the helicopter hyping is the autocannon, so I got 120 days of the game only offering a single AA for the players not interested in flying around.

Just like with the test range building hype, I am not playing crossout to play test driving range simulator.

At most if they start shoving in more parts intended for the helicopter mode, they need to also make them usable in no helicopter gameplay and modes.

I like Crossout not Heliout

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Stopped reading right there, then why the hell are you posting in this topic. as it is an actual majority of players are loving the heli’s and having a new way to play. You can outright ignore it if you want and use the tools from it in standard matchs. I mean the new autocannon is really good at just disabling hovers.

Oh I am sorry, I seem to have missed the part where it read that “You are only allowed to reply to this topic if you like helicopters”

Maybe you should specify in your original post that only people who agree with you are allowed to take a part in this topic if that’s the case

I am more tired of people just replying to everything with off topic hate like that. IT made no sense to post it in a topic about a completely different thing.

Well we have the mini event ending, right? SO perhaps the new event which most likely drops this Thursday will have more heli-based things like the Steppe rear rotor…

The treasure hunt competition on Reddit shows that there’s going to be an upcoming event


I just don’t see Targem giving anyway anything substantial for this little faction war thing

Also don’t you think Steppenwolves would be more Zepplin-based than Firestarters? Yet again I can imagine a Gears of War barge being very Firestartery…

I could see V22 Osprey-like Heli blades in the future… one’s that when activated turn vertical for increased forward momentum with less up and down perhaps…

Lunatics getting simply smaller blades but higher top speed, less tonnage…

Scavs getting the huge square boxed-in blades from the carriers… But now I’m just listing ideas


Topic is “Theory that the faction war winner gets aircraft parts first”

My reply is “I hope the winner does not get faction aircraft parts first or that it’s the next big thing the developers focus on”

There is literally no other place more suited on this forum where “I hope the winner of faction wars does not get helicopter parts” can be said than the only topic discussing the possibility of the winner of the faction war getting helicopter parts.

You are just being butthurt that someone is not as excited as you are about helicopters in general rather than having any kind of a proper reason to tell someone to stop disliking helis in this specific thread

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