There are no good long range weapons for 9k

After Astraeus nerf there are no long range weapons left that will reliably kill the most dangerous players in the most dangerous builds because all of the weapons are too mediocre or have a severe drawback that makes them unviable. Spike is the best now but it gets instantly degunned and has very bad dispersion.

But blah blah blah this gun, that gun, or my gun over there is good though. No its not, go 1v1 a good hitscan hover or close range player with it and you will fail miserably. These weapons are only good when nobody is trying to kill you. The most common CC long range build now is the Assembler hover because long range weapons are this universally BAD after years of hovercentric balancing.

There are but none of them are the single shot / reloading type.

Everyone is using autocannons, tap firing machineguns and spam firing miniguns for long range

Long range combat has been dead for ages in general, and reloading weapons as a whole over rapid firing ones

I found medians decent at that range, but sold mine when the price surged.

I bet that new revolver cannon could work at that PS range, but I’ve been playing it at a higher range.

I’m pretty sure it’s by design that every alternative to Scorps has been demolished. No more Assembler, Kaiju or Astraeus, gotta buy the real deal.

Tho Poony isn’t wrong, Medians are a good sniping weapon. Prob no real reason to bring them at 9-10k tho.

You’re not wrong, I’m glad I had fun with Astra before the nerf hammer hit them over and over for really no good reason… It’s not like Astras had a huge downside along with charge mechanics and projectile speed…

I don’t know of another alternative either, Astras were great, single Scorp sucks now with the new scorp changes, you can’t do enough damage to anything… explosives or weapons, shots just don’t go through to explosives like they used to and it killed the single scorp for me.

I bought 3 medians to try, don’t really like them much, slow projectile, 15 energy just for a lackluster feel.

There isn’t another weapon that can take the place of Asta, Scorp, Median… Maybe the new Naguals… or a legendary Nagual if they drop one in the future which wouldn’t surprise me as we have a new cab for it now. Maybe they’re nerfing Astras read for a legendary Nagual to take it’s place with 6 energy, if they do it would be good but for now the best you have is Whirlwinds, Stillwinds… less damage and slower but consistant damage compared to high damage single shots which sucks.

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Quantum assembler. Try it.

Nagual with manitou is actually pretty good. The perk makes degunning and generator popping much easier than with many long range weapons.

If you are using manitou, use the perk to charge your shots in advance. Empty the chambers, escape to cover, trigger the perk again to charge your shots. The only time I use the non-charged shells is when enemies are close and I need the DPS.

Yeah i got used to ammo dumping the Athena, I tried to grab 2 cheap cabs in the event to fuse but none sold to me… and now that im saving for odin it can wait

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I tried Naguals but unlike Miller/Cyclone these are rather incapable weapons without 3. They also have a .5s bloom reset delay before that has to elapse before your crosshairs will even begin to reset. This puts Naguals in the space of a DPS weapon while they are firing with the reload of an ordinary cannon. They are borderline unusable without being fully aimed in.

I also tried spikes but they are just too fragile and heavy when they do work. And when they do work their accuracy is really poor for what they are; a slow reloading alpha strike ballistic weapon. They will not reliably hit a machinegun sized target at 100m.

I tried Thyrsus but it sucks too because its barrel zeroing sucks. The barrels converge on the object your gun is pointed directly at. If you are leading a target by any amount by aiming off of their build past them in the distance somewhere, a perfectly aimed shot is just going to straddle whatever you wanted to hit. This gun only works on people who sit still, and not at all w/o its perk. They would fix it by having it auto zero to the range of the target in your aim cone, but instead its got a 1000 yard stare problem.

I tried Avalanche because I was scary good with it sniping hovers at 150m, but its useless with its turn speed and aim time in a setting where somebody is trying to kill me before I even see them. I dont get free shots, I gotta struggle for every split second I get to aim at someone.

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At this point there is no long range alpha strike gun that can come close to doing enough damage to keep up with all the dps weapons. If they do enough damage, they got no reload or turn speed. If they have reload and turn speed, they got no damage and cannot even be aimed properly. If they have reload, damage, and turn speed, they lack accuracy and durability. They all got some horrible problem that weapons like Athena/Cyclone/Nothung/Arbiter/shotguns don’t have.

Its almost like normies take it personally too when I demand a buff for the niche because how dare a good player be able to kill their team with impunity from across the map, thats a job for the dogs, shotguns, and medium range dps only! Ranged players gotta struggle and fight like hell traversing the entire map from cover to cover for 30s to kill anybody.

Ill try 3 nags but Im not holding my breath.