There is not much you can do

When you see a Bastion skinner melee build coming for you.
You can charge the self destruct and hope it goes off in time before you are dead.


It is a bit to fast for its durability and a bit to durable for its speed.
It is just fast enough so you can’t really turn around and escape even on light cabin unless you have light tracks.
Best counter is another chonky melee to pin bastion to the wall while team targets him, but it takes teamwork - and its against XO spirit of face-hugger w-warriors.

I have better options than self destruct. No dice for the blowup.

I play at a power score where there are A LOT of these Bastion Skinners with Borers… And I love having them come after me.
My compact Carapace is a powerhouse on armored tracks. They harpoon me up, with a ‘get over here’, and I’m all: ‘Oh no no no, you are getting over here!’
By the time their Borers slowly scratch my armored tracks, Tacklers wreck them, or at least cripple. Either way, they’re done for.
If they do manage to stick to my sides, Carapace has enough power to push away, rotate out and face stick, so tacklers bust their Borers up with direct fire. (They are placed behind the tracks edge, so Borers don’t each them).

P.S. Not killing, but crippling one side of melee’s wheels is the sweetest thing. I try and to that and leave them trying to crawl helpless.

You’d be surprised how many people I managed to kill with a crippled melee build lol. Some people just drive straight into your melee wweaps if you’re too damaged to do it yourself…

Better finish them off just to be sure :wink:


Thats a specific counter - try to fight bastion-borer with a MG light build. The time it takes to turn on most maps is just to much to evade.

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Boring Bastion Bros are getting out of control at 5k PS.

I’m not going to say it’s the only problem with this build, but maybe it’s time to balance the god damn wheels? We all now APCs are OP af and worth way more than 75 PS.

I know, but it’s to tempting to watch them crawl in half circles :slight_smile:

Let’s be honest, if some just drive straight into a crippled melee, it’s a Darwin award case :slight_smile:
But yeah, you are right.

I noticed that the best thing to do if you yourself are getting pushed by one and not in a build tat realistically can destroy one, is to take out the skinner if possible so someone else has a chance to take them out. Otherwise they’re pretty easy targets if you shoot at one that is focused on another player

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Yes, it is counter, that’s the point…
Basically, I’m saying that if you really hate Bastion Auger builds, playing a counter is a good option.
Rock, paper scissors, unfortunately…

Didn’t have too much trouble evading, although I rather face them on, let both tracks tank it a bit while Tacklers do the job. And that much I manage to do well enough.
I was saying that when they DO manage to stick to my side, the build was strong enough to pull out and do a turn to face them.

Most common scenario is that they actually try and pull away because they are losing the grapple. Or they avoid me because … Tracks.

Indeed, they were fine before the skinner update that pulled everything in.
Now they are just big trolls on the battlefield.