There needs to be a penalty for pushing teammates

A ghost haunts Crossout, the ghost of incredible retardedness. More specifically, players with fingers glued to their W key, and for once, I’m not necessarily talking about melee builds. These players are in effect helping the enemy team, and sadly, it’s not even possible to kill them for it. They push teammates, again and again, deaf to the shrieking sound of horns coming from their victims. Two players are effectively out of the fight for valuable seconds, and their team gets slaughtered around them. Or maybe it’s not the team, but the two players themselves. While it is karmic justice for the one doing the pushing, the one being pushed is taken for the ride against their will. Worse yet are the griefers, who push teammates with the explicit purpose of getting them killed or to mess up their shots. This can not go on. In-game reports are a palcebo button, as we all know, but there isn’t even a report category for griefing. There needs to be an automated penalty. If a player takes damage while being pushed, or if they are pushed for more than, let’s say 3 seconds, the one doing the pushing should get reduced rewards at the end of the battle, the reduction proportional to the damage their teammate received thanks to them, or the time they kept pushing them.

1- It’s nothing new…
2- Usually it’s the guy you ware previously fighting and killed in a match before that one…
3- Nothing will be done about it
4- So if my teammate looses his wheels, and is near the cap point crippled on the ground, and I try and help him by pushing him for more than 3 seconds into the cap zone, I should get punished?
5- A clusterf*ck of cars in the middle, and you get stuck between the two. One of them is pushing you trying to get to the enemy and you are stuck against the enemy or the wall in a position where you can’t shoot or drive away. You let him carry you like that while the enemy is shooting at you, or do you try and wiggle out, which pushes that team mate and get penalized? There are a million scenarios where you will have to push through.

So… not gonna happen. Been years now, and you just get to learn to live with it… But I never stick too close to my team mates because (insert random idiot teammate move), and very very rarely get pushed. Just close enough to be a part of the group and not get singled out.

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Some valid points, consider this, then: how about giving some actual functionality to horns. When pushed by a teammate for some time, a prompt should come up, similar to the “Press H for friendly honking” or whatever with the garage guest.
“<Insert Retard’s Name is pushing you, hold H to warn them.>”
Doing so would activate the penalty mechanic for any further pushing they do after getting warned in such a way.

Might still get abused…
I dunno… This is a thing that is hard to do anything about really…
Is it annoying? Yes…
While I said it happens extremely rarely to me, to the point I can’t remember the last time, I know that I ignore those pushers… If you try and get some revenge, they will target you…
Let kids be kids…
But, if it happens match after match, report the guy. Screenshot him, and report. They sometimes do get small bans for harassment, and is usually enough to knock some sense into their heads.
But soon after, there will be some other kid doing similar stuff…

Best bet is to just ignore them. Think of them as retarded drivers that took a few too many shell blasts to the cabin.

I believe there is a reporting tool in the game. Just choose the right violation in the list.

It happens in the heat of battle. I got used to it and in all honesty do it sometimes as well, especially if I am driving and shooting in completely different directions. If it happens to me I am ok with getting a “k” and we are good, its still less annoying than being stuck on friendly Cobra/Python/Anaconda.

Just be aware that events you are so furious about take up seconds of your life, while your anger and scorn - that was enough for you to write here - you carry for hours and possibly days. Dont let such small things bring you into the dark places. Grab a beer, rub one out - whatever calms you, just dont stay in the shadow of futile annoyance.

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I was playing mandrake yesterday… Oblivious sealclubby hover dude rams straight into my tower while holding S and entangles himself, god knows how… I notice he can’t pilot for shit so I just let go all inputs… he takes a good 20 seconds to find his front end and get out of here. I drive away from him a bit, and guess who rams me at full speed 10s later, bounces away, and proceeds to ram me again, the third time in less than a minute of gameplay? Still not looking where he’s going? Yeah, that hover scorp…
He got obliterated by cannon shots 5s later, I haven’t been that happy to see one of my teammates die since ages.

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This happens often by accident, and sometimes deliberate by salty players from a previous match.

The only feasible solution would be somewhere to upload video proof of deliberate game ruining idiots, leading to them getting a temporary ban.

However such a place to upload doesn’t exist, and never will, because the devs don’t care, and never will lol.

If someome is griefing you can just report them on this website with proof and they will get banned for at least 3 days from the game.

This is nothing new, like mentioned before it might be a griefer or by accident or they may have forgotten you can reverse in this game, I find that people being rammed into or push is normal, which doesn’t bother me it’s the ones who do so and don’t even try to stop let alone reverse even when they’re fully capable of doing so, I tend to push them back or and let them know the S button is reverse, I’ve seen people run into the scenery and try to push through without reversing, it’s funny and sad

Just to add to the hate of hovers…I play hovers in raids, mostly to get better at them. I notice that MOST player will either push or go under a hover but around other ground vehicles. It messes up hovers SOO bad and many times i have been caught and pushed into the enemy by my team as they wont stop pushing and cannot get off them.
I know people get excited but stop this if you can. If i die because of this, i just dont respawn except for free.

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noobs don’t know how to slow down either, they just hold all triggers and drive forward regardless of if theres a wall, teammate, enemy or small children