There shouldn't be a Harvester nerf

The Harvester nerf is unwarranted. Harvesters are already shut down completely by bumpers, plows and legs so that they are only good against hovers. The melee resistant parts, especially the train plow, make Flash/Spark Harvesters much more of an art form than firedog play. Harvesters require perfect angles for attack with a getaway route. Firedogs, on the other hand, just drive up to an enemy and start spraying fire from any angle and it generally works out.

Harvesters are not currently dominating clan wars. They are only a niche weapon to provide counterplay against hovers. Also, 33 percent durability reduction is too severe. Harvesters with this low of durability will fall off just from the explosion damage from grinding through enemy modules even with perfect play.

The Blight and Draco nerfs are somewhat deserved, but Harvesters should be left alone.

I play Clan wars with 4 Porcs on hover and tracks and also play a triple Draco dog. I also play Destructors or various rockets on hover for a third build. I’m not stumping for my guns.

Can we talk about what is really overpowering with rush builds? FLASH and INTERCEPTOR. Every round of clan wars, I count the Flash on the enemy team first. Flash is the best and most powerful weapon in Crossout by a large margin. It is one four energy weapon that threatens and counters all mines, rockets, and reloading weapons.

Flash and Interceptor have made Kapkans nearly useless and are behind the current rush surge in Crossout.


100% agree. The harvestor is fine as is.

This weapon has been nerfed into the ground since it was first launched.

IF they are going to nerf the durability then they should boost the damage and remove the need for the spark/flash or whatever you use.

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Relic melee weapons are coming out, which is why legendary melee is weakened

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I hate to think that, but I agree.

Same with legendary modules.

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Even so, the harvest should have a legendary intensity, with a third of the durability weakened too much,You still need to consider its huge model.


Agree on the harvester dura nerf being totally unneeded. Anything with bullet damage wins a frontal melee fight with dual harvs nowadays.

Agree on Flash, disagree on Interceptors. Kapkans were OP crap and needed more counters.
I’d say right now the two most useful weapons to have access to “just in case” are Flash and Porcs. They counter tons of things for very low efforts. We don’t have a single porc, and damn, banana rushes are so savage xD.


Using passive melee on a daily basis, I’d like to add that melee parts get used up more than it may seem, even with the 90% resistance to melee damage. Reducing the Harvester’s HP would run counter to it being a melee weapon, if it were thus easier destroyed by hitting something. I don’t use the Harvester, so I don’t have a stake in this discussion (tried building a Master car with two vertical Harvesters and big parts to take advantage of the repair perk, but it was to slow to run down anything).
On a side note, the proposed nerf would reduce the unique mechanic of using two vertical Harvesters as both weapons and armor on Master vehicles that were fast enough. Another misstep impairing gameplay diversity.


agree and i use long range hovers


Also agree that the harvester nerf isn’t needed. Even in its current form, you can’t chew through many enemies without it getting taken out by splash damage from exploding generators and ammo packs.


There is also some weird stuff going on with the harvester where it just will not damage something even if it looks like it should be.

Half the time your pushing into someone they are not even taking damage.

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Harvey is fine. Underwhelming to be precise.
It’s easy to counter by bumpering up, and it relies on other tools, like spark.
If anything, it needs some small sort of a buff.

It’s the low level melee that needs a good hit with the nerf bat… Actually no nerfs any more, no more ruining of itemsChanges are what we need.
Right now, 4 basic blue Borers outperform the harvester, and dominate low PS to the point it’s getting stupid.
And this is coming from a player that likes melee. And I refuse to play it until it’s somehow fixed. It literally is no challenge any more = no more fun.
Low PS is play Borers and kill half of the enemy team, or don’t play them and get killed by them.

It’s the damaging collider it has on the blades vs the non-damaging on the blade holder and the scoop.
The one that is set on the blades only should be bigger.
It often suffers from digging in and just pushing.

All in all, it DOES NOT need a nerf. It needs a buff in a way to get back it’s autonomous function. As in to do full damage without the need of other weapons.

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I am 100% onbaord with most of nerfs, but Harvester one is weird - it is a kind of “special use” wepon on even lower PS. There needs to be rather redsign of how melee works, because as is melee weapons are much less used than shotguns or rokets point-blank. Melee just doesnt have the advantage and its to similar to “booms” in terms of hit-or-miss. There needs to be more “interaction” when using melee - but just making unsued harvester even less used is probably not a solution.

I agree, but the borer nerf was 100% warranted. I usually don’t play at 4k ish powerscore, but when I did I got eaten time and time again by dumb skinner borer builds. no fun weapons can be played at that PS now and only borers are viable.

So they were right to nerf those, but leave the harvesters alone!


I think they are pushing for a more hit and run play-style with melee, as apposed to the current situation where they just pin you until you pop.

Maybe what they need to do is add a cool-down period for active melee, like they have for other weapons, and make it’s maximum damage drop exponentially as they attack, until they cool down again.

Alternatively, maybe active melee could heat up as it’s being used, making them more vulnerable to damage like this heating feature already does in-game.


They will probably revert the harvester change three months after they make it. All the other patch changes are probably here to stay.

I think for a time being- at least- that Devs are trying to turn the gameplay away from it’s current state of close range focus by players.

I really hope so, because

I expect some more gameplay beyond “Press W until somebody is dead”

I think too, harvester is paper, one generator explo and bye… 1-2 max kills and weapons are gone. .

But dev can buff yaonguai drone… too big for paper, any hit from 70% wepons destroy instantly all guns …

U just gonna cry about yaugoi(the strongest drone) in every topic?


Youre insane.

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