These 5 words work the best in chat at the beginning of the match .. 👍

it seems that saying these 5 words at the beginning of the match really helps your team…
i use to say ‘strip the bots guns’…
but now i say…‘don’t forget to keep shooting’… :rofl:

i don’t say it every match,but it does seem to have an effect,since we won every time,and sometimes just barley…

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I don’t use chat, but I do something similar by telling myself at the beginning of matches to hold back and don’t rush in alone.
If only I was better at following my own advice!


I tend to lean on the phrase, “Hi ladies!”

Every once in a while, someone is offended. It’s glorious.


Maybe they have man boobs?


I can say that because I used to have them.

I disagree, the best is this:

My order to you all is simple, yet heed it well, and exert yourselves to see it done.

‘They are coming. Kill them all.’

- Rogal Dorn