These new flight controls suck!

What’s this the new ufo mode? alien wars? because that’s what it feels like. I’m still doing good scoring at least 2000 points every match but these new controls sucks out any hint of realism. You can no longer use L2/R2 to descend/ascend either which also sucks and makes things feel wonky, you literally got to look up or down to descend/ascend. All they had do was increase the braking force to fix the wonkiness and that was it so people were not crashing into everything, but instead they basically implemented an entirely new control scheme that is worst, that just feels so unnatural. Strafing is now easier while ascending/descending is now harder. It is always 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards with these guy’s.

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You may not like the new flight controls but I sure do, brings me back to my old black hawk down days :rofl: Kinding but I do enjoy the rework of the flight controls cause before this the controls were as useful as a sun roof on a submarine

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Well I find it much harder to ascend/descend now. If I want to ascend while looking down to fire at ground vehicles I can’t do that now, like why would you want ascend/decend binned to the camera? I don’t mind having the turning binned to the camera I uses that all the time but ascend/descend nope feels so weird and adds more unneeded limitations.

Well not all changes people will like, in fact most changes people don’t like as we’re a species of habit, but I think this change will be here to stay like the camera tied to steering so we all just have to grin and bare it
You’re probably not the only one who dislikes it or me the only one who thinks it’s an improvement


I really didn’t notice much of a difference.

On my missile and rocket copters didn’t notice a difference, when using shotguns and MGs those ones I did notice a difference.

Recoil is a bit more of a pain on minigun and autocannon ones for some reason though.

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Only thing I don’t like about it is it feels like your a feather now you do a barrel row but feels weird and also really weird when you turn off rotor and you like float there with it not even spinning really. Looks really goofy and no fall damage for falling from 100m. Weird :stuck_out_tongue:

They need to take notes from Battlefield 4 the flight controls and feel on that game is amazing.
Think Battlefield 4 is closest to a helicopter then most games.

They don’t feel like they have any mass to them and proper lift to weight feel. The roll feature is a weird thing you need to activate I feel, but may make it harder for players.


They work great for mouse and keyboard, maybe too good. Sorry to hear they suck with a controller/joystick.

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Yeah, They are a bit :crazy_face:wonky now. Dang sure liked the controls before.

I’m liking them a bit more now, but it took me a few matches to get used to it. I was running ACs, and it seemed to make targeting and flying a bit more intuitive.
Doesn’t feel hugely different to me.