They are rubbing me in the wrong way

Would abstaining from buying the battle pass be a solution? I’m not sure I understand the need to complete these challenges in the first place.

I completed the pass sort of incidentally, without paying much mind to the challenges, since I did not buy the battle pass. I also started it two months late, because I took a break from the game.

I did build and play a little bit of helicopters, but they were fun builds, and I did not take it very seriously. I thought it was very easy to complete the copter challenges, especially considering most of it could be done in patrol. I thought PVP would be more challenging, but it wasn’t, even using art builds. They set the bar incredibly low, and really all I had to do was participate.

I’m not sure I see the copter challenge as much of a problem, especially since I didn’t buy the battle pass. Is that the problem (buying the pass)?

You desire the reward; thus you do the lousy challenge. If your desire is too weak, then you do not do the challenge. You can just play what you want and skip the reward.

the thing is… i like the concept of the helis, i like that we can be able to fly around, its a neat concept! i do have fun flying them around (i wish it was allowed in adventure mode cause it would make it alot more interesting.) but then there is that thing of being unable to hit them so high up in the air to.
if the helis were better implemented then i think it wouldve gotten better… whats the word im looking for here… acception? reputation?
they do plan on putting in a raid for helis so i honestly cant wait to see how that comes in. but idk… i feel like helis are cool in a way but also a nuisance as well… idk how id fix that if i were them.

hey he wants that narwhal, cant blame him though, the ladies love cannons! (not really lol)

In a single word.
After that i don’t care about the rest of the BP, i’m only lacking these last 2 parts

You started 2 month late i took the scenery route at leisure pace, after all, i only had to reach level 64 in 3 or 4 months.
I’m not even considering buying the BP, it doesn’t appeal to me to that point, the first BP of this faction was more appealing but not as good as the Guiding star one.
Once the novelty wore off… i use mine very sparsely for no other reason it doesn’t pull me.
The problem it’s not the odd mission with them, no big deal, but over and over again?
In dailies, in challenges, in those 1100 points missions, they are everywhere, hey, if i’m in the mood for choppers i’ll go there. But now they are kind in the way and if you go there the maps are very limited and i don’t particular like the new maps.
I don’t have anything against choppers and who plays them, i’m just annoyed by this growing omnipresence.
In previous BPs i had to complete air battle missions, only to see them return further down the road ( i think the 550 points mission i did several times in the same BP.

The plows are worth it. Besides, I think the copters go good with the nautical theme those structure parts have.

I’m not a zealot for the feature, but I do like to use the copters for copper patrol, and find that to be a pretty easy going chill-mode for Crossout.