They are rubbing me in the wrong way

For two main reasons now.

1- Let’s nerf firing angles of the Caucasus because air battles, the ground builds shouldn’t notice much.
Result : while air builds didn’t were specially affected , the ground builds were hit by a large margin, where a full set of Caucasus can be outclassed by a single chord. And they don’t do anything about it.

2 - this

So, apparently i’m cornered, i have no choice but to be forced to play this crap.
It’s not fair, it’s not right. I’m not going to play something because i have to, i’m here to relax and have some fun, not to face this like a part -time job.

Nothing wrong with this particular build in terms of tankiness, i’m pleased with it, functionality and looks, much better build that i would make.
I don’t mind choppers, who like them can play them at their own discretion, but those who don’t like can pretend they don’t exist. and all is fine.

Personally, this is my opinion about choppers
Hey devs, stick the propellers sideways and shove it in a place where there’s no sunshine.

P.s.- Someone could address this message to the devs for me?’ I don’t even now their names or who they are.



dont bother with the bullshit, no virtual item is worth having a second job

I don’t know…several months back I bought 3 Caucii because I was getting wrecked by copter/caucasus builds. I tried the same, my results sucked…so I sold them. :unamused:

its too bad they made a weapon suck but caucasus should stay that way forever

Caucasus per say it’s not the point, it’s the principle of it that’s the point.
At least it’s the second time they do that.

In my opinion they take advantage of a general feeling towards something, in this case, Caucasus, to do a long planned nerf disguised as a blessing but not aiming to the issue at hand ( in this case air battles), they aimed to affect the ground builds who were affected the most, this way they can count with a fairly easy general acceptance.

They never saw their forum catch on fire with a general uprising as i did in my old game…
Or…or they are simply incompetent, without a clue of what they are doing.

In the old forum
Devs - Oh, who likes to drift? Do you want to drift?

Player base - Yeah, that would be cool!

There you go, a general nerf to the wheels.

Remember that? Long before the changes of overcharge 2.0

Other example:

Devs - Melee is outperforming let’s go nerf those bastards

Player base - Yeah, enjoy your last moments bastards

So, what my plows have to do with the melee nerf?
I didn’t see much but the nerf to my plows

I would prefer if they didn’t touch melee…

And in top of that now they are trying to shove choppers down our throats, trying to force feeding that crap.
BTW, now you know why they killed the reaper chopper, remember, that one?
But choppers must be a success for them to have to force feeding us with that sht.

This is the new version of the Storm Chaser

And this were taken today. ( just for you to know )

So, it’s not about performance, ok?

It’s about character , i look at it, i play it and i don’t feel it’s Storm Chaser anymore and that PISSES ME OFF.
Storm Chaser was broken by them more times than i can count and i rebuilt it every time, putting it back where it belongs, in the field, but now something went missing.

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u know u dont have to fly, u just need it on ur build when it asks for challenge

dude its not that hard. really its not. just put a rotor on your build, use a rift if you have to and activate it at the start to get rid of the rotor. then just try to get at least 550 points for that one mission. i have a rotor vehicle that uses incinerators and it does well. also has 6 atoms on it to absorb some shots as well. works quite well to! the only thing is there are some mandatory pvp missions in there that require rotors that dont count in patrol vs ai. luckily there was the event that happened that you can grab an anti air car and gun down helis with it. ravagers were part of it. anyways its not difficult man and they go by pretty quick. just do the missions in patrol vs ai, alot of those count in patrol vs ai except the mandatory pvp ones.

It’s not the point.
I don’t feel like to play air patrols or air battles.

The point is…they shouldn’t permit such missions block the challenge progression, it’s not the first or the second time this happen, and in the previous times i picked up the default chopper to clean at least one or two challenges to be able to play ground builds only to be blocked again further down the road and blocked for several times.
,I just don’t feel like it…and i won’t do them this time.
Man, this is entertainment, to chill out. why would i pick up something i don’t feel like it.
Even in raids, despite needing raw materials i’m only doing the ones in founder canyon and rock city and crater, sometimes graveyard or bridge, i’m passing the rest.
I’m doing PVP with drones despite today is cannons, melee, rockets and whatever, so, not even dailies for me today

i agree but in a different way.
the heli missions that can be completed through patrol vs ai im completely fine with. i can get those done no problem and it isnt really that much of a hassle.
the ones that FORCE you into pvp are the ones i dislike alot and came across 3 of these missions a while back. if the event wasnt here id be forced to play pvp just to clear them and i dont like that. there is no pve heli content… yet… so these challenges shouldnt force you to play pvp especially if you dont want to.

why wouldnt you? just get them done and over with. i sometimes dont feel like running rotors and i hated them but i still do the missions and i sometimes have fun ranging enemies and dropping a gas can on their heads and making them burn.

i do perimeter breach and its rare that raid is even on. i wish theyd switch the damn raids back to two random ones instead of two fixed raids that are the same damn thing.

this argument is quite common in response to the statement “i dont want to play crappy game modes for the grind”. i find it weird.

why wouldnt he do something which isnt fun when hes looking for fun? this is nonsense. youre dodging the point by saying “just get them done and over with”. the implicit part here is: just quickly grind through this shitty part of the game because you know you need the talers or coins or whatever for the bp aka the grind.

but, he just said, hes annoyed by feeling like having to play choppa dave for the bp grind only. so youre reply that it can be done relatively easily is moot, as he just expressed it annoys him.

games shouldnt be too annoying.

tl;dr: if the fun part of the game is seeing youve completed some challenge in the bp and not the actual gameplay you had to go through go get there, the game might start to feel kind of shitty.

this will win the prize for the most shit argument in 2024. people like you are legitimately the reason the game is in its current state

wow was that really necessary? i was giving my opinion so forgive me for having one. dont be so rude dude, its people like YOU that ruin this game for others. quit being so damn toxic.

i ruin this game for others ??? i literally try anything in my power to improve this game for everyone.
but Yes-men like you make it possible to stretch the bounds of what greedy companies do to milk their playerbase to the max. ill put it like this, if something is shit, why do you accept it and comply?

so do i, i suggest things alot and want to make this game fun. i try suggesting new modes and whatnot even in reddit but ive lost hope in this game as is.

how so? i dont agree with EVERYTHING they do and yes i dont like the heli challenges in particular. but the only ones i really accept are the ones that have to do with pve because they arent to difficult to get done. the ones i DO have issues with are the ones centered around pvp which i dont do and dont like. in that case they are trying to force us to pvp with a theme we dont like and didnt ask for. i would be happier if they created alternatives for the missions though, instead of using helis then use something else like a weapon type or something but itll require a little more work as an alternative.

but thats the thing, not everyone agrees its shit. yes theres people who dont like it but theres others who like it or just to them to get them over with. in this case hes complaining about something that comes in once a week and can be done through pve… so why complain about it? the mandatory pvp heli challenges i can understand, but pve challenges that dont take much time at all? common dude.

this isnt about adding fun things, this is about removing things that are shit from the game. youve seen me cry about bricks and other types of garbage so you know what i mean.

the forced challenges are just insult to injury, although to be fair it is a minimal price to pay for p2w items.

ultimately, challenges are nothing but a strategy to get you to spend more money, same as any other live service circus. why not complain about it a bit? its not like anyone wants to actually do challenges apart from when theyre procrastinating and they feel productive because of virtual tasks completed

that would be 90% of this game then! :crazy_face:

yep, i dont like bricks or metas which is why i dont do pvp. theres alot of things that need to be changed in the game to. THAT is one of them.

how? i mean… challenges are free to complete arent they? sure there are people who want to just throw 200 dollars at the game to skip the challenges but… mmm idk. i find them at least ok to do but thats just me.

i do complain about it. but often times i get rude responses and insults thrown at me. instead of people explaining their sides in a respectful manner they have to throw around insults and whatnot. its not productive if you ask me. then again some people are trolls. if you want to talk about it im here, just dont throw insults or be rude dude.

i do but for a different reason. i just do them because it gives me something to do otherwise id get bored. crossout is just… boring… i like playing it dont get me wrong but there isnt much to do in here. patrol vs ai till i get my dailies done, then if its on i do a few raids that are perimeter breach, then i log off, rinse and repeat the next day. the challenges give me a little extra to do and keep me in to complete them. i get its not for everyone though. i just wish there was more to do. :pensive:

superficial chores that make you feel like youve earned the rewards from the battle pass

it becomes impulsive, with the sorts of people who tend to be active on this forum

thats what i described. “challenges” are nothing more than small fake digital achievements only there to justify another form of p2w

Better still…allow us to choose which ones we want to do.

Oh no, that i say to you.

Common dude.
In the beginning all of us were happy, how they did things ( weapons apart of this discussion).
The ones that were eager for choppers… by all means, knock themselves out with air battles.
The ones that opt to remain doing ground battles, the same, they could knock themselves out with burnt rubber and whatnot.
Yeah, times to times i had to do an air battle, no great deal.
But for some time now the challenges started to be for the air aspect kind of heavier, having to do more and more air battles to be able to progress that’s wasn’t cool, and isn’t cool.
I have reached the point where i’m blocked i have nothing but air battles and if i do them, a week from now i’m blocked again in the same situation.
This is not the solution, i’m not logging in to the game to do obligatory tasks that i will be forced to do…I just spent an entire day doing that.

How about having to kill 10 enemies with whatever movement part you choose, this way it can be done with choppers or ground builds, everyone is happy, playing with what they are in the mood for.
Instead of having to kill 10 enemies with an armoured aircraft.
How about that?

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i mean i do agree with this to. allow us to choose which ones we want to do. its so frustrating having 4 or 5 challenges focused on pvp that we dont want to do in helis and we cant do any other missions until those ones are completed, forcing us to either bite the bullet (teehee) and do them or force us to pay for levels. or none of those if we decide to not do them.

i have actually noticed that and i dunno why their so heavily focusing on this. it just seems weird to me that its getting such a heavy focus. they could offer us alternatives to this.

win 10 battles with armored aircraft OR win 25 battles with other movement parts.
win 5 battles using rotors OR win 15 battles using wheels/tracks.
destroy 10 vehicles using armored aircraft OR destroy 20 vehicles using wheels/tracks/rolling based movement parts.

something like this i feel would be better so it doesnt alienate the wheel users.

see above. i feel that everyone uses wheels so it wouldnt be a huge deal to make the missions like that just scaled up a bit. dont want to destroy 10 enemies in an armored aircraft? ok then 20 on wheels would be fair right? your fighting enemies anyways so they are bound to get done regardless. yeah its a bit more then the rotors challenge but i feel its a fair trade off right?

Ok, i was used to sink 100 ships with secondaries kind of challenges.

I suspect that or the helis aren’t the success they were expecting or they aren’t seeing numbers increasing. either way, it seems that they are trying to force more players to play the damn things.