They need big team battles

I would love to see them add a Big Team Battle mode on crossout like 16 vs. 16 battle.
Have damage reduction by 40% so battles dont feel like total death so fast. An play on the largest maps on Crossout and add new maps for this mode.


I don’t think they engine can handle it which is why they dont have full levi Cw matches…to many movement parts to track

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I’d like 8v8 to return to console, 6v6 is a cluster f.

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They probably could do a max part reduction by half so you could have larger battles with smaller builds just for the mode.


Given we just re-did the engine, that’s rather a moot argument. Which is to say that you are incorrect.

In fact, the only reason garage part counts got halved and it’s not full levi vs. levi boils down to a combination of the previous engine’s resource requirements to scale that far in counts and mostly… the Players’ hardware. That’s become less a limitation recently because of the re-engine work and the fact that many players have upgraded hardware in the last year or two.

I would love bigger longer battles.
If 16v16 were real, I would play nothing else.

16 vs 16 ?
I used to play 12 vs 12 and it was a clusterfuck, more people in each team it’s a fast way to die and it will help potential blow outs.
12 vs 12 it was a factor to start playing competitive mode (ranked battles), the most toxic environment in that game but it was only 6 vs 6 so it was much better.
Less players, more room to manoeuvre, what you did it matter more.
8 vs 8 it’s perfect as is.

I would love a low PS large battle. Maybe use Epic items and below. I think people would really love it if hovers got banned.

That could be a way to address engine limitations: they could make the part limit lower, along with a PS cap.

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The only spot I think it would work well for right now is maybe the ravens event for rankings with random teams. With a group size of 16x pulling a group of 4x in isn’t going to matter as much.

Even 12 vs 12 could be interesting.