Thief update

Before Update :
7 pathfinder = 21000 badage sold for almost 900 coins = 6300 coins
After update :
7 pathfinder 3 items sold and electronic = 3500 coins
(everything sold at lower price)

This is robbery, thank you devs thief


go to steam exspress your opinion good or bad
both positive and negative feedback helped some games maybe it will save crossout too from dying


Gambles opening a random container and cries its the update.

You coulda got a 300 coin item before and after.

Go find a bottle you baby.

Im starting to get a huge wiff of alts in the air with these bad patch topics being spammed. All vaguely similiar and with random people youve never heard of immediately replying, “yea dude. Ive never existed before now, but i totally add +1 to what youre saying.”

Either way, get over it or move on. This update to badges is less bad than good. Join up with random people, make more badges than before and decrease the grind.

I cant wait until the crybabies get bored and shift their attention to the real change at hand that matters: Acari OP


Hey mister whale leave us f2p plankton alone and swipe that card

I love this type of attitude. You act like if someone spends money on the game, that they are at odds with you…when in reality, you cant play the game without them. The game doesnt exist without people spending money. So if you enjoy the game, stopping being a tight wad and drop them $50/yr or start encouraging others to spend money.


can’t you understand that if before you had the certainty of what you were getting now you don’t have it anymore.

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Theres 4 different containers instead of one now. The pathfinder crate before and after are random chances to profit or lose value over exchanging for resources. But with 4 you can pick the best of the 4 and maximize your chances to land an expensive item.

To all my regular forum goers: Im getting ornery. Tryna be polite, but the stupidity is grating on me.

Woosah :joy:

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that does’t change anything, before you know how much you wil get, now nope if you belive the devs doesn’t matter, you are ingenuos

Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Thank you.

The club of XO devs , dream on