Things that SHOULD be an achievement

My youngest son & I were chatting about the game as he watched me play.

I was having a particularly good series of matches & managed two particular rarities almost back to back.

MVP & Flawless in the same match - this done on a low PS dual Little Boy. That was a rather easy match, actually. Enemies just kept lining up in front of me.

MVP while having the lowest PS - same build. Not as easy, but it was a good mix of builds on the team making a dual cannon build particularly lethal.

That should get you a patch, amirite?

Other things that should but don’t get you a particular reward?


gg’s on those. i nodded to myself getting a flawless mvp in a cannon build. should it be a patch? Thinking on it, it might be a patch for snipers or something… would be cool i think.


flawless mvp should definitely have its own patch, but maybe that would be too redundant

i think patches should be more than a stat , maybe something usable could be awarded like 1 patch = 1 engineers badge even



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I consider the ultimate achievement to be the perfect game. 6 kills on console. I’ve only done it twice in 20k matches. Both times on firedogs.


Its rather easy to do with a good MG build imo. Especially in low PS.

Win solo against multiple enemies

Lowest PS… MVP… make the patch a stick of dynamite… a little bit packs a punch.

kills while upside down . patch could be an upside down turtle


Taking out a whole volley of homing missiles coming at you with a single cannon shot and the explosion it causes

Shooting down all homing missiles in a volley coming at you with a machinegun

Countering homing missiles about to hit you with missiles of your own
and so on

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T-Bone patch for one-shotting a player while in a Melee rig.


I want this! How about a meltdown patch for chain reaction damage from one hit resulting in a oneshot.



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I want a patch for when I score higher on the losing team then the highest player on the winning team.

Because I only play solo PvP I have many times where I do this. The rest of my team did nothing so we lost, but i still kicked butt.

Also - why not a different patch for Solo MVPs - so you don’t only let everyone know they just got stomped but it was from someone not in a team.


10k wins in missions 10 pts
25k wins in missions 20 pts
50k wins in missions 30 pts
100k wins in missions 50 pts

same as missions

The Completist: Meta 100 point achievement.
Broken down into sub achievement trees.
Meta: Own at least one piece of each weapon at the same time in game. Legacy Achievement if added. Fused parts count toward this achievement. This is a Legacy achievement, once achieved, the player would not lose it if new weapons are added, HOWEVER, it is updated for any new weapons added for players who have not previously earned the achievement.

Sub Achievements:
The Basics: 20 point “chapter” achievement
Own at least one all shotguns at the same time that are available in game at time of inclusion. Fused parts count toward achievement.
Own all Machine Guns…
Own all Cannons…
Advancements: 20 point “Chapter” achievement.
Own all Auto Cannons…
Own all Fire Weapons…
Own all Drones…
Own all Crossbows…
Refinements: 30 point “chapter” achievement
Own all Rocket Launchers…
Own all Energy Weapons…
Own all Uncategorized Weapons…
Own all mines…

If we are meaning in game medals…

Medals should be added:

Destroy a drone, two movement parts and a radar module in a single battle. (make up whatever variation you want, but it should have some kind of achievable challenge)

In the same mission, destroy 3 chameleon’s.
In the same mission, destroy 3 communication modules.
In the same mission, destroy 3 movement parts,
The numbers required can be changed. It’s just if they are going to be challenges, lets make it so you actually have to do some extra effort to get them in high numbers.


patrol doesnt count.

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Okay… just got another…

How about killing someone while upside down? :joy: Granted, it was only a bot, but I’d disarmed it falling off a cliff & hit the ammo box as it attempted to run away. Fun. :clown_face:

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lol you even liked it :joy:


what about a patch like this?

“Adorable. My turn.”

Take at least 1000 damage from a single enemy, then deal 1000 damage to that enemy within three seconds.

Reward: shell rack - legendary decor part, a small 2x4x2 rack of eight shells, somewhat similar to the rack from the Baron pack you get from the shop

This would encourage cannon builds a little more, deterring hitscan weapons some.