This forsaken operation . (the red eyes)

First of all i want to suggest a few things like.

  • strip down your build to the bare minimum.

  • chose a fast cabin ( the fastest you can put your hands on)

  • don’t show up in a weird build, like, too wide or too small with protruding angles or spiky things, chose the tires accordingly, don’t chose moon landing tires or gun mount wheels that kind of things.

  • use the most stable chassis you can build

And for the love of what is the most dear to you.

RUN! Just like in a race.

I’ve been in games where the team doesn’t go through the first gate, yeah, the very first gate. And this is bad, because, i can tell you as a Ravager and a survivor it doesn’t give worthy rewards.
As a base line only + 500 points gives rewards worth mentioning if the game doesn’t go pass a certain time.
Damage alone doesn’t mean much, progression in the level also means a lot.
So people, take this in mind.
If you end up as a Ravager don’t be that crazy in poping up builds too soon or you may end up first among the ravagers or in the score board with 20 scrap to show for.

Survivors, obey the right of passage if a build is ahead of you, even, if it’s only slightly, give him the right of passage, specially around the choke points. Don’t try to be the first to go and cut ahead a team mate
be aware of your surroundings at all times.
if you see a flipped team mate, give him an hand to help him.
don’t get separated from the rest of the group, try to be with the fasters builds