This game go to be so stupid

I am so disgosting about MM crossout, its so stupid the MM that give me the decision to stop play this game next year, bot so strong you can not kill after 10 double waltz rockets, bot stop to you while shooting or stolen your kills, dps out of range at all so many time that is more easy leave the game. Just little things into a millon stupid mechnism of this game, we think to have full decision about our power and its totally false, is the game decison if you will win or lose it so disgosting.


I’ll have to read that 10 times to figure out what you said. :thinking:

Proper punctuation and spelling would help.


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I don’t think English is their first language and it looks like they used Google Translate
But from what I get the bots are way too hard for this person to the point they can’t kill them and they steal his kill, I could be wrong though!

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they probably mean the game is unbalanced

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I wish I knew the original language so I could translate back & forth to get a clearer understanding.

I love the title of this thread.

“This game is go(ing) to be stupid”

I think we are waaaay beyond that point my friend :slight_smile:

Let me introduce you to big bertha from heli mode, be thankful I can’t aim most of the time. lol… Don’t mind the ps btw pics I had made some swaps…


Sorry for the mistakes, but I was really disgusted with a game I loved so much.
Exactly, I was referring to the fact that the MM is too unbalanced, not so much for the PS but for the skill of the players which is too often not fair.
Even bots very often show this disparity because sometimes they appear to be indestructible.
I have no problems playing and very often I have excellent results but I no longer find satisfaction in playing seeing so many inconsistencies.
PS. my language is italian, sorry for bad english.

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What is MM? Thanks. :slight_smile: :it:

MM = Match Making

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I hear you, Roby…especially those Retcher Hover Bots that can kill you upside down with only one gun left and a smoking cabin. However, I have noticed with even a decent set of team mates, they are not indestructible. The problem is typically the other human players that do not play up to the same level as the bots.

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One thing I miss, is mirrored bots. Not sure why they’d even remove that in the first place.

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Probably in an attempt to rebalance imbalances that players bring in. That would just be my guess though.

I played with many bots this 50+ reputation weekend.

  1. If you want your bots to be better, then bring a radar detector.
  2. If you want to win when each team has 4 bots, then you must immediately help your bots kill the enemy bots. If you or the other 3 humans hesitate to aid your bots, you will lose.
  3. If you let an enemy bot survive the opening minute, it will kill you all.
  4. If you keep your bots alive for the first minute, they will be mvp or second place.
  5. Save your bots, save the cheerleader, save the world!

And a radio!
Radio on EVERY build! :hugs:

I stopped bringing a radio every game when I realized I was 90% of the time the only one watching the minimap (^:

Gotta agree with you on this, mostly, Tutor. I’ll say that you can give up on some bots. The stupid lance+cricket or whatever bot? Let it die. That sweet Trigger or Cyclone bot? Yeah I’m going to park in front of it and delay it as much as possible, before helping it annihilate its first target.

Despite how much we like to complain about bots being stupid, I guarantee that attempting to “teamplay” with the right bot will yield muuuuuch better results than dealing with the average random human player in this game. You just have to accept that the bot will have the last word in terms or where you’re going or what you’re shooting at, but you can influence its decisions, and once it picked a plan, it’s going to stick to it and deal waaaay more damage than a player. It won’t change focus randomly, it won’t ram into walls (most of the time) or into you (if you didn’t have a brainfart and parked in its path), it won’t suck and miss every shots at 20 meters.

For builds which can’t really babysit but can nuke targets, if you toast a couple good bots from the enemy team really early, you can usually sit back, take a sip and enjoy the show.

This is less true at high PS tho, where most bots are just obese meatbags who struggle to point in the right direction.