This game has some weird stuff

So, i clicked in the battle button, had to go to the bathroom, really had to go, came back just in time to see my wheels being blown off at spawn, i deployed my drones the guy sd on me, then another guy sd on my and a third guy finish me off.

And that’s was that.

Now, this, taken a couple of days ago.

Slow start from my part, hectic game, dispute for the cap, attacks and counter attacks from both teams, and at the end, it was 2 vs 5, it was a defeat that we both manage to turn into a victory, i finished empty, with 0 drones to spare and only 121 hp.

I don’t get this score system…but next time i know what to do.
stay in spawn and go to take a piss.

Really, how this even possible?
My team fall apart, why the other team didn’t get more points?