This game needs a dash of power creep

With the sidekick drones it’s been highs and lows, or i do well oetimes r i do badly with them.
They are able to do things that my hawks just can’t, (not always).
My build it’s tankier than the other, it can take a lot more cannon shots, be heated more and hold it’s own.
But… it’s so frustrating sometimes, giving chase, pursuing someone…nahhhh.
My last game i gave chase twice, soon after, i was alone, my drones no here to be seen.
the strange thing irss… sometimes they seem to behave like hawks going side by side with the mothership in a strait line, pedal to the metal.
I tell you if i had my hawks with me, those two would be destroyed (if they wouldn’t shoot at them).
Sidekicks need more speed, and hawks more durability.
A bit of power creep to make these two in one wouldn’t hurt.

All drones require an increase of their durability. One MG barrage can destroy any of them and leave dronemum defenceless.

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that’s true.
But i’m giving that to them (whoever may be)
They clearly don’t want to do that.
Just for perspective.
Just in the other day i saw JBrider “complaining” about the 200 durability of aspects MGs when he was facing a dude with parsers (450 durability).
Any drone even fused for durability has less than a sledgehammer SG, less than a Gasgen.

Just for fun… put some boosters on a lightweight build with any drone. Then, go to your test drive, launch your drones & race across the map at 250kmh. You’ll see your drones do amazing things. :joy: