This game needs to be sped up

I have been thinking how this game in terms of the speed of vehicles wasn’t that fast, now more so after they made everything slower a few updates back, I would enjoy having vehicles able to go close to or to 200kph without being destroyed after all, we got sport car cabins and those should be able to go that fast without hitting a bump and dying on landing.
I do think legs specifically ML200 should be one of the slowest moving parts in the game but even then they should be able to reach 80 kph same with most tracks except Goliaths as their base on WW1 tank tracks and those were slow lumbering vehicles so they being capped at say 50/55 kph would be fine for me but slower movement parts should have a lot more durability then fast-moving ones


I agree wholeheartedly. I liken it to how things exist in the real world. I have never seen anything on mechanical legs move faster than a crawl, but I have seen very fast things on tank treads. This is also one of the reasons I find hovers so annoying. The way they are designed in the game, turning and changing directions would actually happen quite slowly.

200 kmh is only 125 mph.

Little hybrid hatchbacks go faster than that.

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The fastest cabs in this game barely go 60 mph (75 mph cranked). That’s a fairly large plot-hole, I think. One of many.

80kmh ML200 mechs the size of existing military LCAC’s lmfao. You know Typhoon spiders got dual mount 152mm Object 477 turrets right? Do you comprehend the sheer scale of Crossout vehicles and how impossible the physics are of an offroad vehicle hitting 200km/h on anything other than flat and fresh pavement?

Not to mention how big of a balance problem this would be. As if light builds aren’t already impossibly durable for how fast they are compared to “tank” builds.

Give me all the speed. 120 kph aint sh!t. Thats my thoughts.

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but the game would be so much harder for machine gunners at that high speed to strip all your guns in a few seconds, and seeing as atleast half the playerbase are machine gunners, its probably not going to happen.

Speed is Too Fast :expressionless:Damage To Low :+1:

Increasing/Double speed means that communication server<->client latency make Double difference in where you see enemy, and where enemy in reality is.

So for many people with 100+ ping it might be very deadly. While currently you can manage play this game on this ping.

Another case is that machine gunners with good ping would be much better, not worse like derp said, since its hit-scan(instant hit - easy to hit), but every projectile weapon bullet speed would work 2x worse.(because need predict more)

So its also balance issue.

Well the key number is 200, doesn’t matter if we use snail farts to measure it, this 120 is too slow

A little rude are we! No need to be as these are my opinions and I have no control of the game direction so no need to worry and take offense bub

Offroad vehicles go fast on offroad surfaces you know, so answer your question trick truck off road racing can exceed 120 miles per hour

We all need for speed, 120 using a cabin based off a car that can go 150 in 3 seconds isn’t what I call accurate

We can already easily hit 200 with boosters while battling, I just want it so we can do it without blowing up or using boosters, if not 200 then 150 be good, I don’t think a speed boost gonna break the game like you’re suggesting, probably shorter matches/raids but is that a bad thing?

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So again, you just confirmed what i said. You need boosters vs you no need boosters + boosters works temporary anyway and need energy.

Making everyone using invisible-free-no-energy-usage boosters 100% time is balance issue.

Faster speed means less time until enemy reach you, its buff for short ranges and nerf for long ranges

I confirm what I said speeding the base vehicles up will be a good thing, not a bad thing, you may not like it but I would, I accept your opinion but I will have to disagree that it’ll be a “balance issues” as slowing the game down is a game issue as it was done to make it so the player base would spend more time in-game doing matches and making said matches longer as it takes us longer to cross the map to engage the enemy

if someone have and want 1h to play game, he will play 1h(no more or less like you say) whatever game vehicle speed is.

But if someone wants to finish a certain amount of missions in that one hour but can’t besides it takes 3 mins per match instead of 1 min and a half, do the math, a faster game means more resources being acquired faster which means getting other stuff faster, if going fast is such a bad thing maybe they should bring back the 5 minute long matches and cap the top speed to 60 then?

Crossout logic look at my Ferrari it goes 60 in-game, person with a ebike in real, look at my ebike it goes that fast

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then faster missions means less resource value, means you need do them more.

Its same like inflation. You can receive free 1000 money, but then you will have higher prices products because this 1000(or even 1200 because of beaurocracy) was taken as taxes.

Here you will get 1 minute mission, but you will get less resource value, because everyone will have TON of resources for same time of play.

You might get items faster if they didnt change crafting parameters, but for sure they would also increase them to keep game working same.

Not really, the max you can get for resources in a match is already fixed, it isn’t depending on how slow or fast a match is

Anyways look
You’re not gonna change my stance on this and I not gonna change yours so how about we move on and agree to disagree as clearly if this goes on it might end up hurting feelings and become a :poop: flinging contest
So I want a speed increase and you want a speed decrease or for it to remain as it is, that’s that

I stated my opinion and stand behind it, not gonna press it with someone who may be looking for a argument, I want speed and stand behind it, done replying

nothing is fixed. And you said yourself vehicle speed is “capped”

When they change/cap vehicle speed like you want, they will also change “fixed” values for CAPs for resource gain and for items crafting…

I see we got people who agree that this game needs to be sped up and those who don’t and may in fact want this game to be slower, more grinding. Would like to see more opinions!

Great topic imho.

I do think movement parts do not have enough spread.

For example, buggy wheels, drag wheels, plane wheels should all go significantly faster than bigfoots. They are small narrow tires.

Why are Racing tires not the FASTEST possible? I mean they are racing tires…

Interesting thought. I couldn’t track guns very well when I first started playing. I think it may be harder to shoot guns off at first… but practice may fix it and most would be back to shooting guns off fairly quickly.

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I heard the reason for the generally slow speed has to do with server quality and lag. IDK if that’s true, but I think it’s the only reasonable excuse.

Right now we seem to be creeping back into the speed range we used to be at, prior to the speed/wheel nerf, but I doubt the ceiling will ever be lifted any higher for speed than it is presently. I’d be happy to see more speed, though.

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Faster is always better.

But sadly the dev team already announce their plan is to slow the game down.

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