This game's stability

Currently playing Age of Empires II and XO. AoE II is 25 years old, I never have a single dc

Meanwhile I’m on my 7th or 8th dc of the week in 25 games. This wasn’t happening that bad before Supercharged 2.0, and my drivers and computer are fine. And exclusively in CW of course. Anyone’s got a solid explanation as to why this game can’t have decent mp stability, for a game that is mp only and tries to sell me thousand dollars of virtual goods?


I have my conspiracy theory about it backed up by absolutely zero proof: I feel like the peer to peer system is more like a bitcoin mining system, using our computers to complete computations in the background of the game. So, I turned all mine off, and good % of the crashes stopped.


I forgot about that… I did the same on both machines I play this on. Not only did it start loading/launching faster, but it’s more stable. It was suggested somewhere in the old forum, iirc.


Thx, trying it rn

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how’d it turn out?

“So, I turned all mine off, and good % of the crashes stopped.” What exactly did you turn off Obsidian?

This thousand dollars of virtual goods are think.

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Spent most of that time in the garage lol, but the few games I played seemed relatively stable. it’s almost as if the Kremlin stopped using my computer as a proxy :eyes:


like i said. :eye:

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