This is just disgusting

something seriously needs to be done about this crap.

stillwinds are running up to 17200 coins on ps4
thor generator is running 12400 coins on ps4

this is unacceptable by any means and the recipes to make these 2 items NEEDS to be put into the game.

this is just like the bastion crap that happened before many years ago. they made the cabin a limited time event item to be crafted, well the damn cabin ran up over 5k coins for a very long time, only when the blueprint came out did it drop in price back down to normal levels.

seeing as how legendaries run from 2 - 5k this is just grossly inflated. i dont care about the excuses of “but the relic generator needs them to be built!” we have other relics here that require other weapons and stuff to make and they dont have those legendaries at such ridiculously high prices.

those are running for as much as some RELICS on PC, console is wild

(yeah, they do really need to come down, but players are greedy just like the devs and want as much coin as they can get out of you)

Hopefulyl an un-fusing event or pass with these items come out and the bubble bursts

welcome to crossout ,i’m sure :monkey: can help you make money :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Once the next unfusing event happens the prices will drop a lot. And if they don’t drop, some of us will make a lot of coin by unfusing our BP items and selling them.

and from Hoarded Legendary stabilizers lol


Yes indeed!
Lots of profit to be made in this game if you are patient and know where the opportunities are.

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are those pc prices? O.o

well true but… i only have 1 thor and i use it alot more then my apollo because of the weight. my stillwind i dont want to get rid of but… if i can get half way to another relic… its tempting…

i should grab more of them. but im getting a ton from leveling up so much. the amount of rep im getting through the event with its ungodly amount of rewarded reputation is amazing lol.


I sold my Thor as I only have a few builds with it… bought it for 9k so long ago, sold for 18k… I’ll get an Odin and my Thor builds will all benefit from that instead.

Just remember that it takes 24 rares to make just 1 legendary. Unfusing takes 15… which is a whopping 360 rares to unfuse a legendary item… People think they have lots and sold them off super cheap last event, which wasn’t coupled with an un-fuse event… I think they will realise their value when they’re up for sale during an un-fuse event.

Why would you need those items? Why would you want those items? Who cares how much they cost when you do not need them to play effectively? Just so when you finally buy them then so they can be nerfed into garbage. That is what happens. Even if not nerfed to death, then power creep of new items will weaken them. If you really want them then buy them or buy the BP when it is available. The prices should be super high for super rare items. An item should stay super rare as promised for a year at least. None of those coupons to craft one rare item for a year, no reward in a mini bp for a year, no way to get any more than were crafted during that particular event for a year. Those who pay and craft should be rewarded with high prices for year!

thats not the point. the point is these items are used to craft other items. they are limited items used to craft relics (or in this case A relic) and they shouldnt be limited like that when it involves using them in recipes for other things. how would you like it if say the scorpion needed the imp to craft it, but the imp is only available through engraved casings, and since they took them out they are very rare and only obtainable whenever they decide to throw them in. the market prices are absurd, are you going to buy one then? i doubt it. or not even to craft, maybe you want a set for yourself, then what? you gonna wait 1+ years for casings to trickle in to hopefully get one or two?

if they were limited and werent used in higher recipes like relics then i wouldnt care so much, but the fact is these people are pricing these items absurdly high on purpose and the relic isnt helping that, neither are the devs limiting the parts and blueprints.

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I understand your point, but I would and will never want or need a Relic Weapon or a
Relic anything. Can’t you craft a different Relic that does not require such crazy ingredients?
We crafted some items in the past while the prices were high and made our coin. We held some items too long and the price crashed too quickly. We were promised that if we paid the ten dollars than the recipes would be unobtainable after the event, and we would make our fortunes. Then, they created workpieces and crashed the prices. Now the items that were once super valuable are now no better than a Harvester in value. Keep your promises and let players make their money! You can wait for the prices to come down can you not?

what about if you want a set of those weapons to use in raids or pvp, then what? youll be waiting a long time for those prices to go back down.
this type of crap has gone on far to long in games where people take advantage of things like that. as they say the rich get richer and profit off the the people who buy into those stupidly high prices. this is both true for online players and developers.

if thats all this is about then youll turn away countless players from the game. “i want this item but it costs 5000 coins when other epics cost 800 coins, im not paying that!”

you remember what happened with the bastion cabin? it was so good that the price shot up to 5000+ coins PER CABIN. if you wanted a fused one your forking out 15k coins. now for a clan wars player they dont care, but for a beginner that is far to much. even for myself thats way to much. then when the blueprints for it came out it went down to 800 each give or take.

devs take advantage of things like this because it encourages the fear of missing out and forcing people to fork over money for battle passes and stuff. “limit the weapons and make them cost a fortune, then we can make an event and trickle in a few of these but not enough to crash the market then make them wait or spend an exorbitant amount of coins to get said item to craft the item above it.”
dont you see how problematic this is?

whos to say the prices will or will not come down? it might drop by a few thousand but not enough to warrant buying one even when it has dropped. seriously would you pay 10,000 coins for something that would cost 5000 coins normally? i certainly hope not.
even then lets say the item was 17k, then an event happens that drops it to 10k. are you still going to buy it? you dont know if itll go back up in due time. if not then your screwed. (im still laughing at the people who bought the bastion for 5k each)

That’s almost 70K just for one gun, fused, and on special, for a limited time only, though the Rise of the Machines Work-bench.

Who is this for, anyway?

Cost to craft: Free :smile:

This thing shows just how flawed the market system is especially with none craft weapons being required for crafting.

At least Crossout players aren’t selling CKs for $500 000:

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I got 114 legendary stabilizers on deck xD

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That would be better actually, as cosmetics don’t effect game play. most the time.

That is good work, good job Developers! Milk their wallets!

They always come down. For 6 years everything gets nerfed or surpassed and the price plummets.
Like a week before this new item, that you must have, was introduced, what were you aiming for? Now, because this new thing exists, whatever you were grinding for is useless and this new item must have? That makes no sense to me, how you could be willing to blow so much for one thing. Why not continue getting what you were striving for and get this thing 12 months from now? FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. Give up your fear, fear is the pathway to the dark side. Of course, in 12 months something else will be better and this thing will be nerfed.

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