This is just funny

stillwinds were 33k before this new event hit and now it dropped to 10k LOL
well time for everyone to mass produce as many as possible and sell it for an ungodly amount later on!

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Yeah I grabbed one for 9k lol

i dont have enough coins to buy one myself but it might go back up again. i might try to make one through the event and keep the other one from the event to. 60k coins if i sold it so a relic for me. i might then get my ripper that i wanted :smiley:

Well I bought up my Uranium for about 12k while it was down… the bubble on the Thor and Stillwind had to pop at some point… so now I’ve spent just 21k and need a Thor.

With Odin still selling for 60-70k that’s awesome.

I will get 2 of these out of the mini pass. They are probably dropping some Thors next month.

They should have just offered a defusion event. I would have an Odin already if they did that.

They were over 20k on xbox last night when I went to bed. Guess the price crashed during the night?

I’m awaiting either of those things to happen, I’ve only spent around 21k on Ore and a Stillwind so far. With Odin selling for over 70k on my platform I only have to get a cheat Thor to get a wildly cheap Odin.

hes on xbox with us