This mdfk clan is cheating in the christmas event they know a glitch bug

Do something




it’s up to top 11 now…same clan… :thinking:
i love to see a video on how they are doing this.

'top 4 i can see…'but the whole clan? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

here’s a reddit link too.for more info on others opinions.

They probably using some hidden cheese methods along with echo/hadron porc users. This clan is a top 10 clan i think on pc and the only one to blame are the devs. They should of had a powerscore cap to make it fair to everyone.

you can make it pretty far using just porcs. 5 porcs with another running 2 or 4 made it pretty far when i did it. i think we had…
5 porcs
3 porcs
2 retchers
2 retchers

we made it to wave 16 but at a certain point the time bonus has a steep drop off and enemies are alot more tanky and irritating to destroy.
each enemy only gives a 3 - 5 second bonus at higher waves and 30 additional seconds upon completing a wave. which is ironic because it takes 5 seconds for the boss / other enemies to spawn in.
if anything i think the timer should be able to go past 3 minutes with every enemy you defeat and boss that you defeat. 3 minutes shouldnt be the max.

even then i dont see a legion of porcs making it that far. despite porcs high damage and ability to heat parts i just dont see them making it that far. maybe at most wave 25 but it doesnt seem like they could make it to wave 50 without exploits. if they are then id like to know how.

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I say 4 players on porcs would get you into the top spots. The top players could also be using some flash in there too along with the porcs. I can’t make it past wave 15 with 4 porcs but i’ve never been paired up with another porc user either. Seems most of the relic users are keeping it in the family for this event.

sort of, but even with that many porcs your not invincible. i could sell my other 2 relics and buy 2 more porcs but i dont want to. there are other bots that can mess you up, and even waves that spawn in from both sides of the map, you need to be coordinated quite well and use your environment to your advantage, but the thing about the bots is they love to heavily focus on 1 target… ALOT… so maybe they had a fast guy running around distracting the enemies while they picked them off 1 by 1. but even then its not a good idea. kings might be good to as they have a high explosion radius and they do very good damage, enemies love chasing and ganking you in high numbers so it can help damage them and thin out the numbers. idk though.

Even the players at the top are not invincible but they are getting further than everyone else in the field most likely thru a combination of various cheese tactics and porcupines. The porcs is probably not the only thing but they still wouldn’t be able to get to the very top of the leaderboard if they weren’t doing the maximum amount of combined dps possible.

FInally got around to trying the mode…

Looks like the thing to do is park 2 players ontop of the 2 towers… then bots pile up at the base…

I’m sure doing this would allow 2 cloak/Griffon players to throw Incinerators on them, while the ones up top have builds which look over the edge to shoot… probably stillwinds and such

it… semi works. the issue with this is if you get to close or even nearby the bots lock onto you and go after you. theyll just dogpile on you. and incinerators dont do enough damage to keep things consistant at higher waves.

also i think the incinerators fire puddle radius has been reduced. it just seems to me that the AOE is alot smaller then before. am i wrong here?

Have people done cloak/griffon spam to be off the map/radar… just spitballin’ ideas tbh, the mode seems to just be cheese all over, kinda shitty

cloaks, invisibility and griffons only work somewhat. the bots can see you even when your cloaked and even with the griffon as far as i know. i can confirm though that cloaks / invisibility is useless in that mode. the bots see you anyways and only cease fire for a short period but still stalk you and follow you around until your cloak is broken by them running into you or you shooting first. the cyclone bots will shoot you even in invisibility. i know that all to well to…

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These are the builds that vhs is using and they are now up to around 75k points. They got 3 players on roughly the the same build all using hadron, 3 porcs, 1 king minelayer, odin generator and 2 aegis prime. They also have one player using 2 kings and 4 kapkans.

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Everyone picks a tower. They are spaced around the map. Build so your cabin is squarely on the “landing pad”. Build it to form with the landing pad if there is an L in the middle (so your “tower” can see 360.

At the beginning, everyone flies to their tower and lands. wave 15+ ezmode. Everyone stays to the one side of the map, giving maximum time to shoot as they drive to you. If you even have one of these builds on your team, stick around the tower, use it for cover so they can take the aggro.


I don’t blame that clan for finding a way to make it work out for them. They’re playing within the parameters of the game, so what’s the big deal? Folks try out stuff like this all the time in bedlam.

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