This "new forum" feels like the ban of sputnik and RT

It feels like developers don’t want to listen,
Only care about their own agenda,
Want all no voices about fair claims silent…

Pretty ironic imo…
I probably get banned after this thread , but I couldn’t care less. Or maybe, since they don’t read anything from here, nothing will happen… We will see…


There is nothing in this thread ban worthy. What you should be banned for is constantly false reporting. You really have no idea what is banable do you?

Also I just flat out 100% disagree with you.

I think your addicted to complaining.

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No one cares what you think, understand it already.
BTW false report? Hahaha… U were banned uncountable times, so unless you were “false banned” there was nothing false in my reports :grin::man_shrugging:
BTW2 u are one of the big reasons the forum get nerfed, u gave moderators so much extra work, that they just nerf the forum, congratulations :expressionless:
BTW3 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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1 Your english is so broken I didn’t understand shit to the title or first post
2 Pretty funny you’d say nobody cares about tenshi’s opinion when he’s the only person who answered your pointless whining thread that is against the rules in two days.
3 We all know you’re a crybaby who abuses the flag/report function since ages to turn this place into a safe space for your child-like rants. You’re close to the first person who got the snitch badge here, to nobody’s surprise.

Feel free to not use these forums if you dislike the new layout so much, Zhetesh. Nobody’s keeping you here.

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Pretty obvious u didn’t get the title, u sound like the typical “activist” that only listen and read what you “want” besides facts (extra highlights in the “”) 🤦

You are also responsible for the forum nerf with all your cry reports, and all your spam comments about your Post Traumatic Disorder about pulsars vaporizing your poorly made vehicles, ABOUT THAT u can star crying about yokai now, I’m pretty sure you will start any time now XD just Gid gud and stop crying kid.

You seem confused about the reality of things.

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I’m not