This part of the game sucks big time

I’m at that part of the game where i have 0 patience.
Back breaking and completely unnecessary.
instead of building directly what i grind my ass off.
I have to build stuff to sell and then sell it to buy what i want.
On top of that i have to go to different factions to build the required parts to be able to build other parts that are in a completely different faction.
And in top of that i have to wait 24 hours to be able to change faction…
I just wish that someone would end with this stupid thing. Often i lose track of what i set myself to build ending up with fewer parts that i planned and extra parts i don’t remember for what they were meant for.
case in point.
I built a blue rad for… i don’t remember what for…
I remember seeing it as one necessary part but now i just can’t find it… could it be to another thing i saw and i’m not building? because i decided to go for another thing.
I don’t remember for what i built it for, that was yesterday.
Hoiw about XP? (experience earned ), each battle would give us X amount of experience, each part would have Y XP needed it to be unlocked.
there, a much simple and direct system.
WHO thought in putting this crazy market system in a POS- APOCALIPTC shooter game.
I just wish someone would say to the devs.
Hey, M8 you left this thing in the way
and next thing would raise the market to the ground and scattered salt just like the Romans did in Carthage, for nothing could grow again after.

P.s.- I know, i know, the times has changed, ok.
So be it, make it Napalm instead of salt

we had said to open the factions with no wait time…
and they gave us a ‘test run on it’
maybe they will maybe they won’t.depends what the money looks like.(if it makes money or not for them)

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They made this so they would lift barriers to those who abuse the market system but not all of us do that.
And to players like myself (must be other, many others I’m certain) it’s a huge constrain and a major reason to stay out of it.
Other thing i just can’t get it.

Let’s say i want…a cohort cabin.
why can’t i build it directly from scratch?
why i have to go through this different stages, back and forwards , from faction to faction spending
resources and patience.
instead of having to build X blue parts, Y special parts, Z epic parts, why can’t i just build what i want from the get-go for the same amount of resources and coins of the other parts combined.
the economic part would remain the same, intact
the money sink would remain the same, intact.
But my… our? (could i speak for at least most of us?) patience would remain intact.

And why the building isn’t immediate?
if you have the resources and coins to match the wanted part , why not make it a simple click? why the hours of delay?

to make us pay Real Life Money…no other reason then that… :crazy_face:


that makes no sense, cause the coins needed it to "get on with it " would be included in the resources requirements to build the damn thing directly.

or let me rephrase this.

they could make it more speedy and direct without losing a single dime.

Let’s see…

making a legendary part would take a shit ton of resources and a building fee (i don’t know by heart, but i think it’s…) 75 coins .

If they would stream line the building process for players the same part would cost the same shit ton of resources + 75 coin of the building fee + the whatever amount of coins for the speedy build fee (i don’t know how much, i’m a plebe).
But there you go.

The money stuff, their bread would remain the same and they would provide, at the same time, a improved system to the players.

their business model is (why wait when you can buy packs and coins for real life money and buy parts in the market that you want) :upside_down_face:
they get you at the start of the game.before you reach Engineers 30.
easy crafting then…after E30 it’s more of a sell and buy on the market because it’s cheaper,then resell when you want something else…
i’m still doing that because it’s cheaper than crafting…
that’s my opinion,because i see it’s cheaper to buy than crafting it…

some will say different but the math never lies…
sad thing is,but maybe a smart thing is that i don’t want relics…why?
what’s the point,i can get everything with what i have now that they can get…
there is nothing in this game that’s End Game,pvp is all resources…
i see relics playing 7k or less… ‘why do i want to do that?’
this game is just chill with friends and shoot them in the face,nothing more,don’t expect much,until they figure out what End Game Content Really Is…
just have fun :rofl:

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Today in why does a p2w game have arbitrary annoying game mechanics that can be insta skipped by paying, we gonna need sherlock for this 1 rofl

I normally i’m more focused at this part

I rarely see the market at all, only when i’m building or to do a quick sell of food stamps for the daily missions (buy or sell an item at the market)
I do have fun but i dred when i have to build parts because it’s simple a huge drag for me.
It’s by far the part of the game that i don’t like.

Man, i avoid fusing events because it’s a drag.

what i will try to do in the future it’s building slowly but the problem is i don’t play enough a week to make a epic part a week

you dont need to do this one because you get scrap anyway and you should save that until the prices go up…
that dumb weekly complete 40 daily’s for badges i never get lol,and i have over 50,000 badges :rofl:
yeah ,don’t fuze anything until you find the parts you like,you can’t sell upgraded parts…
and also before you upgrade you gotta think if a nerf is coming…
i have nerfed parts i can’t sell and lost alot of coin,everyone did.
we don’t have to do everything the game wants us to…we just do everything we want to do.that’s why this game is catching up to us…:rofl:

I just wanted to illustrate how much attention i give to the market, if not for the badges, it would be once or twice a year
I have learn my lesson with the Photon cabin (trying tonnage fusion)
i ended up losing a lot of coins.
But an lighter weight Apollo? i missed that one because i messed up with the cheer amount of parts needed that i was only able to build one, this was not the only factor but it helped a lot to miss that one, if i didn’t screw up with the number of parts i would be able to build two
At that time i was using medium builds and a ton was simply too much to fit in them, so the Apollo stayed in the garage collecting dust.
I play mostly SGs, i like them but sometimes i get bored and i need something to vary, sadly MGs are not quite there, for me, i have some bits and bobs , but they are just bits and bobs.
After this last update, my gremlins were broken and my main build ( heavy build) is at the garage.
I’m trying to fix this, to be able to put my build up again
My drone build it’s been my “fun” build, and now it’s making all the heavy lifting .
I like it, it’s something different when i’m bored.
But it’s not a workhorse.
this time i will have TOW ( i clicked with it in the drone apocalypse, i know, i know it’s not the same as PVP / PVE) but i like it and it’s fun.
Harpy for my drone build and my upcoming missile build.
An Humpback, an icebox for my ruptures to replace the fav cab, legs
I will try to squeeze a full set of tempuras and a omnibox for now

I’m confused this thread says it was started 8 hours ago, yet the guy is mad he has to wait 24 hours to switch factions? Did I go back on time or something? What is this? I have zero wait time when switching factions.


i am just as confused as you are. did we travel back in time somehow? did we hit a dimensional rift in the game and travel back a year?