This was once my favorite design, but now I can't implement it

Try to open


That thing is hilarious… I love it. I’m going to attempt to create something like it.
Why can’t you use it anymore?


Poop… I got rid of almost all my boosters.

Hover was changed, they can’t balance in the air anymore, it was a long time ago

My appeal is to strengthen the booster as well as placing the booster vertically, in addition to keeping the hover in the air for balance

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the vertical booster already exists but is used only for the brawl known as Big Black Scorpions.

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social credit joke Yeah, it’s hawks (or owls?) exploit. Similar thing was with those hurricane jumpers. Looks fun though.

Airplane jet engines that cant be used in the air, but can only be used facing downwards on the ground, targem games idiocy strikes again. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Supposedly, the developers removed this playstyle because of the hurricane missiles, I’m not sure if this playstyle is really overpowered, but why not just make the hurricane unable to fire in the air or not allow the hurricane to be paired with a vertical booster? As for the hovering air balance, removing this is just silly, the developers think they have removed the heresy, but in fact they have removed the fun of the game

It doesn’t have to be stable, it can be unstable. (sandbland vids ) Tokyo something.
How to take advantage of it it’s the difficult part.

I’m working on a hover or better yet , i’m working on how to make my heavily armoured bricks fly, i don’t know which cabin i will put on, nor which weapon i’ll use.
The prototype has a FAV cab and at first i putted Gremlins on it.
I want to make a brawler with heavy armour ( most probably i’ll go heavy again).
I think it moves nicely but i don’t have means of comparison.
At first i wanted to put wheels on it with a rift module but the hovers don’t work with them.
By accident i flipped my hover, and now i’m working in a way to flip my hover on command.
Long story short.
there have been so much abuse, there have been so much complains that’s killing the creativity.
Booster don’t rotate now, hovers don’t rotate, also meatgrinders do not rotate.
there’s no frames with odd number of pins.
You bet i will give it a go, common boosters are easy to get.

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I liked the skinner version of this hover best. That was super fun flipping people to death.

I know that design, in bedlam can directly wrestle small designs, but the same ps in pvp, their weight does not reach the speed that can wrestle, so they can only lift them over

Share it when you get it… I’d be interested in checking that thing out. I have 8 hovers & rarely ever use them. I just find them boring. :joy: I know that’s blasphemy for some, but yeah… yawn.