This years for me is a worst of ever and when i has retuned in game i found

sorry for this post but i whant to try to say something that a lot of player whant but not say becouse " write on forum is useless becouse the developer never read it"
with the phrase “serious players” we mean people who if they don’t win always start training to improve and try to learn how to build better vehicles, instead of starting to poke and write on the forum nerf, nerf, nerf

Unfortunately, I have a non-curable disease called la tourette’s symphdrome which, even if not in a serious form, makes it very difficult for me to find a job, then this year with the excuse of the covid they reintroduced a document that was identical to the Ahnenpass which made it even more problematic to find work for those who have not been vaccinated with the experimental vaccine. so I have huge economic problems.
my amdre that she was healthy even though she was 82, she fell ill and in the hospital they made her die by intentionally treating her badly (there is an investigation by the Italian police in progress).
12 hours after they called me to tell me that she was dead she burned my computer motherboard and not having the money I had to wait to find an opportunity to put the pc back into operation.
after this period of shit (it’s only February 3) I wait about a month and a half and I manage to get back into the game hoping to be able to spend a few hours having fun with friends of the clan and with many other beautiful people who are there but what do I find out? :frowning:
yet another useless nerf and still more ruptured and ruined maps than the last time for no one knows why.

  • first there were some meppe a bit closed where you could do a little tactic such as “bridge” where there were three passages to reach the enemy base (the two sides and the bridge in the center). all open and now it’s just a nonsense mess.
  • the same thing for the desert map where the center had to be massaged on two single points.
  • you have removed all the ramps that allowed you to get on the containers to have a little better view and to be able to “sneak a little” completely sacrificing the maneuverability as you had to stay still and then you became an easy target of the enemies in the raid.
  • always in the raid the map where the truck must be discouraged and that immediately at the beginning there is a small bridge and the truck passes under it, before you could pass on the bridge without having to go around under it and you can jump with the car and I would do jerks “I believe, I can fly!” in that first piece there is no spawn of any enemy so it does not affect the game in any way, but now the bridge has been closed.
  • the Asian map, there were two corners where if you had a small vehicle you could hide and go out just to fire a shot and be reborn, even that didn’t give you big advantages because the base to be captured has a lot of cover and therefore if the one who captures you wants you to kill, he can just go out and come and shoot you, or he can catch and catch after anything. me those two corners have been filled with things, what was the point of ruining the game for those who don’t always just go straight shooting as if they were god on earth?

then let’s talk about the cabins? you have lowered the maximum speed at all instead of increasing it. but what are you drinking before you think about these things? if we wanted to play with people going 30km a day we would play world of tank and not a game with cars.
Instead I put the cars at 95, etc., put them back at 100 and the cabins that were less than 60, raise them a little. they are cars and vans not paperweights! I seem to play with the toy cars of the playmobil for babies.

always be nerfarele weapons and relics are little more powerful than epic weapons and some are even inferior and much.
you destroyed the nest, now it doesn’t even hit a target that is still (I did the test myself). I can understand give it some time to reload but at least the coupling of the missiles must be fast the maximum 1 second to lock all the missiles and above all you have to improve the accuracy or perhaps better the maneuverability of the missiles.
I tried that new weapon that throws the three discs. but what is a joke? would that intuitive filth also be a relic? it’s huge it looks like a cabin, it has very few life points, it sprays once every 15 days, it does very little damage and it also consumes more than one point of energy and already one is a waste that crap (I’m not the only one who has tried it )
the list can go on for a long time to come.
in the final I from my little one suggest you not to listen to the retarded who cannot understand that if one with blue weapons faces one with legendary weapons or relics it must be normal that 90% who has blue loses.
2 ° it is not that one starts to play and immediately wins everything, unfortunately for these misfits the game is like real life, to become my best you don’t have to cry and make your nerfs go full blast but you have to improve and train.
when the parsers came out immediately nerf, nerf, nerf. I am not a great player because I have slow reflexes like a dead stone and stuck on the spot but with everything that is absolutely not one of the best, if with blue weapons or some epic, I faced one with parsers, I won at least 80% of the fights, obviously if I got the engagement wrong or caught me off guard I had little to do but cmq I almost always managed to break at least one of the two parsers. so these parsers are not so powerful, and I repeat to you I am not good at playing, I do not start crurire super perfect old ones, I do them as they seem to me aesthetically, and if I lose patience it is a game.
– another thing I noticed, you have changed the area occupied by many weapons such as the aurora (laser minigun) now it is impossible to give it a minimum of protection by putting a piece even if very thin in front of the weapon.

  • one last thing, putting the sights do not consume energy is fine but putting the sights on all the gearboxes is a crazy idiot that does nothing but ruin the game. the problem is that if I put the viewfinder (horizon or neurtrino) even if it does not consume energy it can still be destroyed and I can no longer be a sniper, the cabin viewfinder can never be destroyed and therefore a problem can never be created to those who sneak. you have done another bullshit that ruins the game especially at high levels of powerscore. I do not want to offend anyone neither the players nor the developers but I just want to say what many think and that they do not write to you on the forum because no one ever listens and they are also afraid of being banned because they say what they think. I apologize to everyone for this post but I’m going through a really crappy period and seeing that such a simple and fun game is ruined based on alleged requests of not sure which players, it makes me angry and makes me even sadder. I hope that the rest of this year does not reserve other nasty surprises for me because I don’t know if I could bear them (I’m talking about serious things) and I hope that the game developers do a survey done well in the game (when you connect you have to answer all the questions as they should be able to put any short comments and then you can start playing again) puts both the old meppe and the most recent more open ones and let each game do the vote on the map if they prefer it open or closed, then after that at least 70% of active players have voted, you can choose or leave them both, perhaps by putting a tick at the beginning where the player chooses open or closed map and based on the majority of votes the computer will select the map with the most votes. weapons as you go up with rarity MUST be more dangerous than lower level ones, legendaries MUST be much stronger than a rare or special (blue or light blue), relics MUST be much stronger than epics. the players learned to build well the vecioli and above all to fight in groups and not all single superheroes :slight_smile: thank you all, I wish you a good game and a good life and I wish the moderator a good life as well who will delete this post because I dared to say things as they are for many players who never write to us on the forum because it is so useless :frowning: